WILL THINGS CHANGE?: This Internet meme was developed during one of the past successful efforts by the reators lobby to prevent a law requiring habitable rental dwellings. Another try is scheduled this year.

For the record: Here’s this year’s proposal to guarantee some degree of habitability in rental housing as opposed to current law giving the hammer to landlords in what is the country’s worst state for rental tenants. Sponsor is Rep. Jimmy Gazaway of Paragould.

Noted: The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette quotes Julie Mullenax, a lobbyist for the Arkansas Realtors Association, that the lobby wants to “work with” Gazaway on the bill. Uh huh.


The lobby has spent $6 million the last eight years electing legislators who’ve killed every effort to provide a law supporting safe and livable rental housing.  Old-timers will be put in mind of Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football. The realtors haven’t allowed a kick at the ball previously by the downtrodden Charlie Browns. Absent a groundswell of legislative support for poor folks (sadly not evident in so many other legislative areas), this year won’t be any different.

Go ahead, legislature. Prove me wrong.