Fiddler’s Green
, the top scoring dispensary in North Arkansas’s Zone 2, will be renovating an existing facility for its new storefront on Highway 9 in Mountain View. Lisa Murphy, CEO of Fiddler’s Green, said the dispensary hopes to complete renovations and open for business in May.

Murphy, a mental health counselor, owns a 59 percent stake in the business. Other owners include Thomas Asewiez, 25 percent; Kent Thomas, 11 percent; James Booth, 2.5 percent; and Amanda Woods, 2.5 percent.


Fiddler’s Green’s original dispensary application listed 419 N. Bayou Drive in Mountain View as its proposed location. In the Medical Marijuana Commission’s Feb. 13 meeting, Murphy said the dispensary requested a change in location in order to be closer to the Mountain View city limit as the company “didn’t want people to have to drive all the way to Mountain View and then go 9 more miles to our dispensary.”

She did not give the street address because, while the property is under contract, the deal hadn’t been completed. Murphy said the original location had a very poor internet connection, and the new site has an excellent one. The Commission approved the change in location request.


The dispensary plans to be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tues.-Sat., according to Murphy, and depending on the transportation rules set by the Commission, it anticipates deliveries being a “huge” part of the business. Patients will be able to order online, and Murphy said it intends to offer delivery to the entire state.

“I think [because of] the fact that we will be able to deliver anywhere in the state with the touch of a button, folks won’t be concerned about where we’re located,” she said.


After patients enter the dispensary’s front office, they’ll be required to present ID before they’re allowed access to the rest of the facility, which Murphy said will be a “clinic setting with a nice, relaxing atmosphere.” It will feature a “bud bar” where patients can view and learn about different flower strains.

According to Murphy, Fiddler’s Green will work with Elaine Burns, an Arizona-licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor, who will consult with patients about their illnesses and offer guidance on which strains or products to use to alleviate symptoms.

Fiddler’s Green will grow its own limited amount of marijuana on-site. Murphy said Fiddler’s Green plans to offer name brand strains as well as proprietary strains grown in-house. The dispensary will also offer CBD products and different lotions, creams, tinctures and edibles for patients who don’t want to ingest by smoking.

Murphy said the dispensary hopes to help patients who use opioids to use medical cannabis instead.


“We really just look forward to watching all these toxic drugs go away,” she said. “We hope the next time we look at Arkansas, opioid use had decreased, and people will be able to find that this works. They can come in, and through trial and error, by individualizing each person, [we can show] this works and relieves symptoms.”

This especially applies, according to Murphy, to what she refers to as the “voiceless community.”

“With the elderly and with children, we really hope to make a great impact so they’re not having to take these toxic [opioid] substances,” she said.

Murphy said the dispensary looks forward to educating more patients about cannabis and to growing as an industry.

“We’re looking at these first couple years as a huge learning curve,” she said. “In our first two years in business, physicians will become more comfortable, as well as patients. We’re following that curve, following what feels comfortable to everyone, and educating everyone who comes through the door so we can be a big part of that learning curve.”