BUGGY: A brake problem causes alert. LIME

Oops, a problem I read about Lime scooters, now on the streets of Little Rock, isn’t limited to Auckland, New Zealand. From the Washington Post:

Lime, one of the world’s largest electric scooter companies, is urging riders to be extra cautious while operating its devices because of a technical “bug” that can cause “sudden excessive braking during use,” the company announced in a statement over the weekend.

The company said testing has revealed that the sudden braking usually arises when scooters are being ridden downhill at top speed. The danger prompted Lime to issue remote updates aimed at fixing the glitch that have already led to a reduction in the number of braking incidents, the company said.

But the company is still urging riders to give brakes a “tight squeeze” as soon as they begin their trip to ensure that their scooters are working properly.

The Post had reported previously about the potential for the scooters to break apart. Auckland ordered them off its streets because of the braking bug.


The scooters are in a six-month trial in Little Rock but Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said it wouldn’t be automatically renewed because of safety concerns.