There’s no shortage of free eats and drinks for legislators today and I also have an update on the busy round of freebie events for select committees.

Today’s freebies are courtesy of the loophole legislators carved in the popularly enacted “ethics amendment,” an action that was something of a precursor of current efforts to 1) overturn the minimum wage increase enacted by voters and 2) wreck the popular petition process so that voters’ will can be more easily subverted by the special interest-controlled legislature. Speaking of special interests:


BREAKFAST: It’s at the Capitol Hill Building, courtesy of WSG Consulting. This is the lobbying firm founded by Robbie Wills after he rotated out of the legislature as House speaker and has a long list of clients, from Blue Cross to pharmaceuticals to telecom. Former House Speaker Bill Stovall and former Rep. Rick Green are also part of the team.

LUNCH: Capitol Hill Building, courtesy of the Arkansas Waterways Association.


COCKTAIL HOUR: It’s at Next Level Events in the Train Station, courtesy of the Arkansas Farm Bureau.

And catching up on past entertainment: Here are some recent special functions for legislative committees, another loophole created by the legislature that allows more elite dining opportunities. (Arthur’s, where the Mullenix lobbying team entertained the House Insurance and Commerce Committee last night, prime steaks are in the $40 range and the baked spud will add $6.)


You didn’t miss anything except the steaks and drinks. You weren’t invited. And your vote in 2014 for an end to lobbyist wining and dining clearly didn’t mean doodly-squat.