An appeals court heard arguments today on whether Donald Trump can block critics on Twitter. He argues it’s his personal account (as, for example, Sen. Jason Rapert does in blocking people from his social media.) The judges seem to have doubts about Trump’s argument.

Judges taking up a case over President Trump’s Twitter habits ran through a quick list Tuesday of some recent tweets:

The announcement of the president’s new pick for the Federal Reserve Board, views on North Korea sanctions and a congratulatory welcome to the White House of the Stanley-Cup winning Washington Capitals ice hockey team.

How, the judges asked, could the president’s social media messages not amount to official government business, including when he closes off his social media to critics?

“Are you seriously urging us to believe the president isn’t acting in his official capacity when he’s tweeting?” asked Judge Barrington D. Parker Jr. of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit.