Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said on Facebook last night that he’ll disclose his thoughts on education in Little Rock in his state of the city speech at noon today. Rebekah Hall will be covering.

Said Scott:


I’ll share a number of thoughts on policy that builds bridges towards #LittleRock’s collective future, including my stance on education in the state’s capital city.

A key pending issue is Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s legislation to create a school voucher program to use tax money to pay for students to attend private schools. Rep. Charles Blake (D-Little Rock), who’s a close adviser to the mayor, has opposed the bill, but Scott has been silent. Scott earlier has declared some support for charter school creation in Little Rock, which have damaged the public school districts. Earlier this week, a lobbyist for the Walton school agenda praised Scott on Twitter for his understanding of the “importance of school choice.”

On a related note: Waiting on a response from the city’s new Freedom of Information Act liaison for a response to my FOI request yesterday for the draft ordinance to create a police review board in the city. The FOI law contains no exemption for “draft” documents.