Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. released today his “Scott Script,” the compilation of ideas for city improvement by task forces he appointed.


You can read it all here, some 92 pages.

Familiar campaign themes — uniting the city, for example — are emphasized. The report acknowledges that it embodies recommendations that will require budget, staffing and legal considerations. (Not to mention approval by the 10-member city Board of Directors in many cases.)


These bullet points appeared as interim actions planned this year while work proceeds on the many broader recommendations:

• We will continue implementing Little Rock’s Master Plan for Children, Youth, and Families by identifying unmet needs and increasing program quality and accountability.

• We will develop a workplan this year by partnering with nonprofit entities and the Central Arkansas Library System to implement our Summer Reading Program and Frankly Reading Program.

• We will develop a plan for reinvigorating the City of Little Rock’s Intergovernmental Relations Office and Grants Management Division to aggressively pursue federal resources that support key public safety, economic development, and community development priorities.

• We will continue making strides to stimulate economic development by engaging the Red Tape Commission to begin developing Little Rock’s first Small Business Growth Plan.

• We will ensure alternative modes of transportation in Little Rock by implementing an e-scooter ordinance.

• We will also expand the Sidewalk Replacement Program to promote walkability and curb appeal in all areas of our city.

• We will open Fire Station 24 on Stagecoach Road, north of Baseline, to accommodate residents of that community by addressing response times and adequate coverage.

• We will create Little Rock Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and rebrand the Little Rock Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission as the Little Rock Human Rights Commission incorporating the concerns of Little Rock’s LGBTQIA+ community to the existing mission of the racial and cultural diversity commission.

• We will work with LRPD leadership to onboard an LGBTQIA+ liaison within its Community Policing Unit.

Separate sections of the report deal with Economic Development; Education; Finance and Administration; Inclusion; Mobility; Public Safety; Quality of Life; and, Transformation and Government Reform.


More after further review.