A federal court jury in Little Rock has convicted Rodrigo Pineda Gomez, 44, of charges related to the assault of three U.S. airmen in Japan.

Gomes was living then at Misawa Air Base in Japan, but was tried in Little Rock because his last U.S. address had been in Jacksonville.


The Justice Department announced the verdict after a three-day trial.

Gomes was convicted of one count of attempted voluntary manslaughter, one count of assault with a dangerous weapon, three counts of assault by striking, beating, or wounding, one count of resisting a federal officer, and one count of making a false statement to law enforcement. He was accused of assaulting the three airmen and resisting military police.


His son, Miguel Gomez, 21, had pleaded guilty April 19 to one count of assault in the case.

Sentencing will be set later.


Rodrigo Gomez was accused in a 2016 indictment of attempting to kill one airman by attempting to snap his neck and stomping his head. He resisted arrest and made a false statement, the government said. At the time, Gomez was a dependent spouse of an active duty service member at the base.