Tofurky product: Not meat.

Legal Newsline reports that the Tofurky Co., maker of tofu and other plant-based products to make meat substitutes, has sued a state official over a new law restricting the use of meat-related terms in the packaging and producing of non-meat products.

Turtle Island Foods, SPC, doing business as The Tofurky Company v. Nikhil Soman, director of the Arkansas Bureau of Standards, was filed in U.S. district court in Little Rock on July 22. The suit alleges that the state law is a restriction on commercial speech “that prevents companies from sharing truthful and non-misleading information about their products. It does nothing to protect the public from potentially misleading information. Instead, it creates consumer confusion where none existed before in order to impede competition.”


Tofurky labels include “Slow Roasted Chick’n,” various plant-based sausages, “Plant-based Roast,” “Plant-Based Ham Style Roast,” and other products.

No action has been taken by the state to limit Tofurky options; the company, however, anticipates the new law will damage its business. The company is seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent enforcement of the law.