Former newspaper reporter Cathy Frye has posted the seventh in her blog series on her three years of employment at the Arkansas Public School Resource Center, a Walton- and taxpayer-backed charter school lobby.

Today’s installment notes another tie with a Walton-backed education organization and what Frye describes as the director of the APSRC’s reluctance to work with one particular public school district, Little Rock. She writes that school districts feel political pressure to pay membership fees to APSRC and expresses an opinion that many school superintendents shared in joining the fight to beat back legislation that would have opened the door to privatizing the entire Little Rock School District.

  • Remind your superintendents that while, yeah, the Little Rock School District and the Pine Bluff School District are the primary targets of the Waltons, other school districts across the state need to understand that they, too, will at some point be susceptible to open-enrollment charter invasions. They are not immune, even if they are APSRC members.

  • The Waltons’ goal is to privatize ALL public education. So if you’re looking at LRSD and thinking, Oh, well, LRSD schools are the targets, not my district’s schools, well – you are deluded and need to reconsider your position and your membership with APSRC.