Cathy Frye has posted the eighth installment on her Like a Renegade website of a behind-the-scenes look at the charter school lobby in Arkansas, particularly the Walton Family Foundation-financed Arkansas Public School Resource Center, where Frye worked for three years.

Frye’s points are that this is part of a movement toward privatization of public schools, with charter schools as an intermediate step, and that the lobby wields immense political influence.


Her recitation of charter school insiders tells the power tale well, from a Walton billionaire to the governor’s nephew and Senate leader.

I was struck by the hefty payroll she reported at the Public School Resource Center. It would be the envy of most public school teachers in the state. (Frye is Catherine McFarland in this list)

  • Brunell, Nathalie Finance Specialist 85,500
  • Burnett, Hazel Finance Specialist 95,790
  • Chance, Teresa Common Core Specialist 108,000
  • Hanlon, Kathleen Finance Specialist 100,000
  • Ketcham, Joanna Administrative Assistant 61,000
  • McFarland, Catherine Communications Director 74,675
  • McRae, Scott Finance Specialist 82,000
  • Rich, Kenneth Director of Finance Services 135,000
  • Saracini, Michael Instructional Technology Specialist 67,310
  • Smith, Daniel Executive Director 180,000
  • Todd, Lisa Director of Education 135,000
  • Walter, Alexis Staff Attorney 100,000
  • Walters, Lisa Office Manager 69,846
  • Wells, Jennifer Staff Attorney 61,800
  • Wells, Kendal Director of Technology 115,360
  • Williams, Jeana Assoc Dir of Education 93,500

They had me at $61,000 for an “administrative assistant.”