Baby gibbon, at the Little Rock Zoo.

The Little Rock Zoo has announced a healthy new resident: A baby girl gibbon born Oct. 31 to parents Paddy and Jeepers. The baby gibbon, a member of the endangered Hylobates lar species, can be seen in the gibbon habitat with her family. Paddy carries the baby on her back, but often shields her from view.

The species is native to South East Asia, where habitat degradation has caused numbers to decline to the point of near extinction. The zoo bred Paddy and Jeepers under the Gibbon Species Survival Plan; they have had three offspring together since 2004. Their adult offspring include Murphy, who lives at the zoo in a separate area, and Naomi, who was transferred to the Knoxville Zoo.


Details about naming the baby to come.

UPDATE: There will be a naming contest, to be announced at a later date.