The usual suspects have lined up to pour money into a campaign to pass the legislative-referred constitutional amendment intended to make it difficult to amend the Arkansas Constitution by popular petition.

The committee is ironically named the Committee to Protect the Arkansas Constitution. What they really mean is to protect it for the special interests of Arkansas. When the business lobby needs a constitutional change, they just order one jp from their serfs in the legislature, as they did with this amendment.


Stanley Hill, an Arkansas Farm Bureau lobbyist, is chair of the committee. Randy Zook, head of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce is vice-chair. No financial figures have been submitted yet.

The first order of business for this amendment is a lawsuit seeking to have it removed from the ballot.


As I wrote when the lawsuit was filed against Issue 3:

It sets an earlier deadline, requires significant numbers of signatures from more counties, eliminates a “cure” period when initial petitions are held to fall short, and requires challenges of measures to be filed almost nine months before an election. The lawsuit says the ballot title discloses none of these changes, though under past court decisions it is supposed to give voters a “fair understanding” of the measure. It also contains multiple changes in the law, a standard by which the court has invalidated some past ballot proposals.

When the business lobby says they’re here to protect you …..