In a 5-4 decision early this morning, the U.S. Supreme Court lifted a stay of federal executions.

Daniel Lee was set for execution yesterday in an Arkansas murder case, but the day passed with appeals pending. It is unclear at this moment if his execution has occurred or can occur today. Some emergency motions had been pending, including one from the family of victims to delay the killing. That, too, was denied.


UPDATE: He was executed at 7:07 a.m. Central time. His last words: “You’re killing an innocent man.”

A statement from Lee’s attorney, Ruth Friedman: 


“It is important for everyone to understand exactly what happened last night to our client, Daniel Lewis Lee. At 2 AM on July 14, while the country was sleeping, the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision vacating the injunction that had been in place against the first federal execution in 17 years.  Within minutes, the Department of Justice moved to re-set Danny Lee’s execution–for 4 AM, summoning media and witnesses back to the prison in the very middle of the night.  When it was brought to the government’s attention that a court stay still remained in place, the DOJ first maintained that that stay presented no legal impediment to executing Danny Lee, but then filed an “emergency” motion to lift the stay.  

 “Over the four hours it took for this reckless and relentless government to pursue these ends, Daniel Lewis Lee remained strapped to a gurney:  a mere 31 minutes after a court of appeals lifted the last impediment to his execution at the federal government’s urging, while multiple motions remained pending, and without notice to counsel, he was executed. 

 “It is shameful that the government saw fit to carry out this execution during a pandemic.  It is shameful that the government saw fit to carry out this execution when counsel for Danny Lee could not be present with him, and when the judges in his case and even the family of his victims urged against it.  And it is beyond shameful that the government, in the end, carried out this execution in haste, in the middle of the night, while the country was sleeping.  We hope that upon awakening, the country will be as outraged as we are.”