Joyce Elliott’s campaign for 2nd District Congress properly called out Republican Rep. French Hill, the millionaire Little Rock banker, for a dishonest ad blaming Democratic State Sen. Elliott for a change in cell phone fees to pay for better 911 service in Arkansas.

The ad manipulates a newspaper headline to make it appear Elliott merely voted for a tax increase, not a change in fees to pay for improved 911 service, particularly in rural areas.


The better point is made today by the Arkansas Democratic Party. Hill not only opposes comprehensive 911 services, he opposes a bill signed by the Republican governor, sponsored by Republicans and supported by nearly all Republican state legislators.

This kind of dishonesty this early suggests diehard Trumper Hill may be feeling heat from Elliott’s campaign. This could also help explain why Republicans are working so hard to hold down the vote in Pulaski County, which Hill has twice failed to carry despite it being his home county.

In a rush to outdo the extremist, partisan rhetoric that is tearing our nation apart, Hill has stumbled into coming out against a 911 Funding Law signed by his own Governor and supported by 95 percent of the Arkansas Legislature. It is never the right position to defund 911 services. This is politics at its worst, and with so much at stake in our nation right now, it’s frankly beneath the office for Congressman Hill to try and paint a 911 Funding Bill as a Democrat-tax. said DPA Chairman Michael John Gray. “I would hope that Mr. Hill would re-examine his opposition to 911 Funding and consider consulting Governor Asa Hutchinson on the need to fund our emergency services.”
The Public Safety Act of 2019 was signed into law by Gov. Hutchinson after passing 29-3 in the Senate and 81-5 in the House.
French Hill’s extreme position to defund 911 pits him as an extremist in his own party. Senate Republican voted for the bill, include Senators Bob Ballinger, Cecile Bledsoe, Ron Caldwell, Alan Clark, John Cooper, Breanne Davis, Lance Eads, Jane English, Kim Hammer, Jim Hendren, Jimmy Hickey, Ricky Hill, Blake Johnson, Mark Johnson, Mathew Pitsch, Jason Rapert, Terry Rice, Bill Sample, Gary Stubblefield, James Sturch and David Wallace.
House Republicans also voted for the 911 Funding Law in overwhelming numbers: Barker, Sonia(R); Beck, Rick(R); Bentley, Mary(R); Berry, Stan(R); Boyd, Justin(R); Bragg, Ken(R); Breaux, Harlan(R); Brown, Karilyn(R); Capp, Sarah(R); Cavenaugh, Frances(R); Christiansen, Craig(R); Cloud, Joe(R); Coleman, Bruce(R); Cooper, Cameron(R); Cozart, Bruce(R); Crawford, Cindy(R); Dalby, Carol(R); Davis, Andy(R); Della Rosa, Jana(R); Douglas, Dan(R); Eaves, Les(R); Evans, Brian(R); Fite, Charlene(R); Fite, Lanny(R); Fortner, Jack(R); Gates, Mickey(R); Gazaway, Jimmy(R); Gonzales, Justin(R); Gray, Michelle(R); Hawks, Spencer(R); Hillman, David(R); Holcomb, Mike(R); Hollowell, Steve(R); House, Douglas(R); Jean, Lane(R); Johnson, Lee(R); Kelly, Jasen(R); Ladyman, Jack(R); Lynch, Roger(R); Maddox, John(R); McKenzie, Gayla Hendren(R); McNair, Ron(R); Meeks, Stephen(R); Petty, Rebecca(R); Pilkington, Aaron(R); Richmond, Marcus(R); Rushing, Laurie(R); Rye, Johnny(R); Slape, Keith(R); Smith, Stu(R); Sorvillo, Jim(R); Speaks, Nelda(R); Sullivan, Dan(R); Tosh, Dwight(R); Vaught, DeAnn(R); Wardlaw, Jeff(R); Warren, Les(R); Watson, Danny(R); Wing, Carlton(R).
The law was supported by Democrats in both chambers, with no votes cast in opposition.