A Republican Super PAC, the Conservative Leadership Fund, has begun spending $500,000 on attack ads against Sen. Joyce Elliott, the Democratic candidate for 2nd Congressional District, and it’s about as dishonest as you’d expect from a group funded by the likes of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

It suggests she supported a “defund the police” demonstration. She did no such thing. She appeared at a rally for racial justice with the LITTLE ROCK POLICE CHIEF. It suggests she somehow would damage the state 911 emergency system. AT THE SAME TIME REPUBLICAN OPPONENT FRENCH HILL IS BLASTING HER FOR VOTING FOR A BILL TO FUND A BETTER 911 SYSTEM.


Elliott campaign spokesman Neil Goodman said, “French Hill’s dark money buddies are lying to cover up his endangering of our security with a lifetime middle-class tax increase to fund tax giveaways for his fellow millionaires and billionaires.”

Elliott is running close to Hill, thanks probably to a growing disaffection in the 2nd District with Donald Trump, whom Hill enables at every turn and refuses to criticize.


This was low even by Hill’s low standards in today’s Democrat-Gazette article on the ad:

In a written statement Wednesday evening, [campaign spokeswoman Judith] Goodson noted that the fund is a separate and independent entity from congressman’s campaign.

“It’s a third party group, and we do not control what they do,” she said. “Congressman Hill remains focused on the COVID-19 response, and his message of tax cuts, economic growth and making health care more affordable while protecting those with pre-existing conditions.”

This is the familiar refuge of Republican scoundrels. Let dark money groups do the dirty work and claim disassociation.


I believe a Republican member of Congress could tell a Republican Super PAC to stand down. Or to at least tell them to be sure its ads were factual. Hill remains focused on sliming Elliott and he’s happy to have fellow travelers. He and Trump will say or do anything to win.