Sen. Joyce Elliott’s new ad goes after Republican Rep. French Hill, the millionaire banker, on an issue on which all Republicans are vulnerable, their threat to Social Security and Medicare, including past votes.


And she has money to spend. Her campaign reports that she raised $1.4 million in the third quarter of this year, which they claim is the best quarter ever for a U.S. House candidate in Arkan as. Hill, who has plenty of special interest money on hand, may top that with his report. (UPDATE: He didn’t, he raised “more than $1 million.”) But she has plenty to spend. And she noted that much of her money, unlike HIll’s, comes from small donors. The campaign said 96 percent were small donors, with an average online donation of $40. The bankers and Wall Street titans backing Hill give in much larger, four-digit sums. They can afford it thanks to the Republican tax cut for the wealthy.