The Arkansas Democratic Party is mobilizing to guard against expected  efforts to intimidate or otherwise discourage voters likely to support Democrats.

It will have a voter protection hotline and is also calling for people to sign up to be poll watchers.


The hotline number is 501-299-5589. Said a release:

“Arkansans can now pick up a phone, make a quick call, and have someone in their corner to make sure their vote is counted. If a voter has a question or concern about something at their polling place or something wrong about their ballot, they can call this number and be directly in touch with a trained, knowledgeable volunteer and our legal team,” said DPA Legal Counsel Annie Depper. “Every voter deserves to be represented and supported in case an issue occurs or a question arises.”

Organizer Hannah Burdette said more than 150 had signed up to be poll watchers and she urged others to call to sign up and get the training.