Good point being made on Twitter about Republican Rep. French Hill’s quote in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today about his opponent, Democratic Sen. Joyce Elliott.


As a reliable ditto for Donald Trump, we know which caucus French Hill serves in — The White Millionaire Caucus.

A Hill campaign leaflet last week called Elliott “as dangerous as they come.”

“If Joyce Elliott were elected to Congress, she’d be a member of the Democratic conference and she’d be a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and her first vote would be for Speaker Pelosi to be the speaker of the House. And, in my view, her second vote would be to raise taxes on all Arkansas families, something she’s very familiar with since she’s done that here in Arkansas,” Hill said in an interview.

This race-baiting is a fit with Hill’s advertising and that of allied Super PACs.

I was moved again to revulsion last night by Hill’s ad in which he says, dishonestly, that Joyce Elliott took campaign contributions from a convicted felon. She took campaign money from Rusty Cranford, then a legal lobbyist for a health care company that provided legitimate mental health services. He later pleaded guilty to bribery, it’s true. And it’s true that Elliott and many prominent Republicans — including Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s future chief of staf and the governor’s nephew — helped guide money to community mental health providers that were affiliated with the company for which Cranford worked. But this is simple guilt by association.


Let’s play.

Did you know that Gilbert Baker, accused in a federal bribery case of paying a federal judge to throw a case for a negligent nursing home, gave money to French Hill? He did in 2014. You could look it up.


PS: Amplifying Hill’s quote on race is dangerous business in the parts of the state that LIKE Donald Trump’s racism and, by extension, those who support him as Hill does.

It is noticed, no matter how many photo ops Hill can arrange at Philander Smith.

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