The Center for Public Integrity has provided the latest Nov. 29 Arkansas report from the White House coronavirus task force and it issues a warning reflected in the surge of COVID-19 cases:

‘”If you are under 40, you need to assume you became infected during the Thanksgiving period if you gathered beyond your immediate household.”

You may not have symptoms, the report says, but you still could be dangerous to others.


CLARIFICATION: This is the Nov. 29 White House report. A new report is due today and we’ll pass it along when we receive it from the Arkansas Health Department.

The full report is here.


It’s a familiar story by now: Arkansas is in the red zone for cases, 24th highest in the country, and orange zone for positive test results, 30th highest. But it cites stability in new cases, a drop in positive test rate and hospitalization figures show “minimal” change.

The report says the state may be reaching a plateau, but new nursing home cases still indicate community spread.


It again suggests schools should consider pausing extracurricular activities. It says athletics are not transmission risks, but surrounding activities might be. It again suggests a reduction of restaurant capacity to 25 percent, where the Arkansas standard is 60 percent and the governor has resisted a change because of economic impact.

The report also said the state should ensure compliance with rules, such as wearing masks. Arkansas has a mask mandate, but it is mostly unenforced except in state spot checks of bars and restaurants.

Older people are urged to avoid places where people don’t wear masks and to have groceries and medicine deliver.