Today’s increase was 57 fewer than the one-day record set last Friday. How did the governor fail to emphasize that as a positive?


Answer: Because the state set a one-day record for reported deaths, with 55, topping the 53 reported Monday.

He said:


“We have once again reached a grave milestone in this pandemic. 55 Arkansans lost their lives yesterday as a result of COVID-19. While we may have hope ahead from promising vaccine news, we cannot grow weary over the next few weeks. This virus spreads easily and can infect any of us. Please take proper precautions.”

I’m weary about his refusal to take more action. But not as weary as health workers. The daily hospital report from the Health Department.

Current hospitalizations: 1,059


Total Beds: 8,894

Total Beds Available: 2,259

Total ICU Beds: 1,161

Total ICU Beds Available: 79


Total Vents: 1,058

Total Vents Available: 633

Total Covid patients in ICU: 372

Total Covid patients on vents: 185