Another chapter in the accounts of allegations of sexism in media, as reported in USA Today.


Lisa Cornwell, the former Razorback golfer, has gone public since the end of seven years on the Golf Channel, which is part of NBC, with complaints about the treatment of employees and particularly women.

She discussed the issue at length over the weekend in a podcast, No Laying Up, accompanied by her attorney, Tom Mars of Fayetteville.


She discussed a complaint she’s filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over gender discrimination. Her complaints include being removed as host of Golf Channel’s coverage of the NCAA women’s golf championship in 2019, which was hosted by the University of Arkansas.

She also recounted being reprimanded for reporting a woman golfer had to buy her own clubs rather than having them provided by a supplier. She said the channel issued an unwarranted correction and brought her home from coverage of a tournament.


Cornwell said the events were prominent in her next correspondence with the EEOC.

“A man, in his 60s, who was my boss, screaming and cussing me out and sending me home over a gender-related issue from a women’s golf tournament during the middle of a retaliation, gender-discrimination, EEOC case,” she said on the podcast. “I don’t know what organization allows that to happen but Golf Channel didn’t do anything about it.”


Mars chimes in at the end of the podcast to discuss the gender-discriminatory nature of Cornwell’s claims and other similar allegations against Golf Channel.

NBC didn’t respond to the complaints, USA Today reported.

Cornwell, who lives in Florida, began speaking out on Jan. 1 on Twitter.