Having tried unsuccessfully this week to get the State Police to talk more about two state troopers who attended the Trump rally in Washington on Jan. 6 and having been unable to get the two troopers who apparently made the trip to comment, it’s time to share social media posting they apparently made.

UPDATE: Our story has gone national through the Daily Beast and Yahoo News. Undoubtedly why a key player has scrubbed her Facebook account,


The State Police hasn’t released the identities of the two troopers. But sleuthing by Rogers lawyer Tom Mars, a former director of the State Police, and tips from others produced multiple sources who say the troopers who took leave to go to Washington last week were Corporal Karen Clark, assigned to the Highway Patrol Division Administration Office at Little Rock, and Trooper First Class Alan Aiken, assigned to the Highway Patrol Division, Troop L at Lowell.

Through an FOI request, I have State Police records showing both took leave Jan. 6. And people in Arkansas by those names have social media footprints that indicate they were in Washington on Jan. 6.


Facebook member Karen Clark has posted both a text description of events on Jan. 6 and a video account in which she says she likely entered with many others, if inadvertently, a restricted area outside the Capitol, but did not go inside the building or participate in unlawful activities. Metal barricades surrounding the building yielded first and then a violent mob stormed the building itself. Clark indicates she took video of events before her cellphone died and she returned to her hotel, after a food truck stop.

A Twitter account by Alan Aiken, which as of today is no longer operative, also comments on being in Washington and on the camera placements in the Senate chamber.


The social media posts by Clark and Aiken advance the unfounded theory that rioters were not Trump supporters, but Antifa agitators in disguise. Clark insists all the true Trump supporters were peaceful, including during the march to the Capitol after Trump’s speech that led to his impeachment yesterday.

To date, state officials, including the governor, have been unwilling to comment or to ask the troopers about their trip to Washington, deeming that their private business.

Law enforcement agencies have put out calls nationwide for assistance in the investigation. Some other law officers from around the country were present. Officers were entitled to attend the event. The Arkansans may well have done nothing wrong and no one has made an allegation that they did. But trained officer eyewitnesses could help the investigation, particularly if they have video. Those outside the Capitol, even outside the perimeter barricades, could readily see the mob breaching the Capitol. Shouldn’t they WANT to talk about it, particularly if they believe the investigation is unfairly targeting Trump supporters?

For the record, here are social media posts by two Arkansans in Washington on Jan. 6.


Karen Clark

She’s taken her Facebook page down. I hope to have soon a replacement for the video, detailed in the Daily Beast link above. It’s a richly detailed account of her trip, full of her conspiracy theories and a trip to a food truck and a believable acount of her own activities, But here’s the full text of her written post:

To the uninformed haters who have an OPINION about Wednesday in DC:

We were there  Felecia and I.      We met a lot of very nice folks from all over the USA. They were from all professions, retired military, young, old, kids,  and some were not even Trump supporters.  They were there because they had watched the voting results election night and also  hearings about the voter fraud as they played out. They were convinced Trump  had won and that Biden had cheated.  They were there because their vote had been disenfranchised.  They felt betrayed with lies and cheating was not how they wanted thier President to be elected!!
We were late getting to the capitol because Trump was late to start his speech over at the Washington monument.  The speech was  supposed to start at 11 am. It was closer to noon before Trumps speech  started.  Truthfully,   the speech was  long and boring.  I love my President but there was no fire, jest or zeal and nothing new or exciting in his speech.  People started leaving about half way thru the speech.   After the speech ended, we walked with a large crowd to the capitol.  There at the capitol, we saw some Trump supporters breach the capitol area up the stairs to the balcony areas waving flags etc.  We heard loud booms.  We saw a couple of police officers run away and off the balconies. We saw a group of police officers march in bright green safety uniforms from the left sidewalk and into the front of the capitol. My cell phone battery went from 27 percent to zero immediately.  Others around us commented that thier cell batteries had died very quickly as well.   Very strange.  Then  a group of Trump supporting  ‘ posers’  approached us from the rear as they pushed and shoved in formation past us in a line of 20 plus young, clean cut guys and gals, dressed in mostly black, wearing black and dark colored backpacks, ear buds in thier left ears, mics under thier throat area and walking with thier left hands on the left shoulder of the person ahead of them.  They were very quietly chanting or talking but we could not understand what they were saying.   I told my sister, Felecia, ” this ain’t right. Those folks ain’t with us.  Shit about to get real.”    We eased out of the shoulder to shoulder crowd and got to an open area to avoid crowd stampede.  The air and feel of the crowd changed.   A red flair was shot into the air from the front left side of the capitol stairs.  The red flare  thing went straight up, floated to the right side of the capitol building and moved out of sight but did not fall back toward the ground. Very strange.  Tear gas was released on the capitol balcony but the wind carried it away as quickly as it was released.  A large pink fume of something exploded into the air on the right side of the capitol.  People began to scale the wall of the capitol (it looked like some type of schafolding and not just a plain wall, I must add) instead of using the stairs for some reason. These appeared to be dressed  like the group of posers that pushed past us.  The feel of the  event began to change.  People started to ease back and leave in an unhurried fashion.  Felecia and I felt the need to leave and made our way out of that area to do some sight seeing.   Walking around in the area, , we overheard a man watching a news video that there had been a woman shot in the capitol.  We watched the news video with him a minute or two and decided to leave the area completely and head back to the hotel.  We passed by 3  white buses thawere guarded by police officers and roped off.  We heard others discussing that Antifa had been escorted in on those buses.  We went to the food trucks on the corner and noticed that a couple building, a street were blocked off.  A police officer was stationed near the roped of area.  He said the car had a suspicious package in it and there was a bomb threat so the area was blocked off.  Officers with no special bomb clothing were pilfering around in the car that the officer had pointed out to me.  Strange..  we coul  have easily threw a rock and hit the car but we were not evacuated from the area of the food trucks .

So our take is this.     It was damn obvious that those folks pushing past us were NOT with us!!   We can not say that they were Antifa, BLM or police or military.  We don’t know.  But.  They were organized and appeared to be there on an assignment.  They were not simple Rally peaceful protesters.   We were not surprised at all when we saw the news reports and pictures.   Folks will believe what the want and we don’t give a shit who believes us but we were there. We saw it.  We smelled a rat and got the hell out of there.  We are very glad we were there because no amount of fake news,  left hate or shitty comments made by our friends about what happened there will ever change the truth.  We know what happened on the outside around us. We know there was plain clothes police officers in the crowd. We saw them and while they were not wearing guns in plain sight  they were wearing vests and ear buds, body mics and they were police.  They walked thru the crowd slowly and in pairs.  They were watching the crowd, mingling around and trying to fit in but a cop can smell another cop.  I pointed them out to Felecia and she pointed them out to me.  There was also certain people in the crowd that wore a significant lapel pin that indicated to me they were not just simple Trump fans like us.

Now,  after the fake news reported that all the people at the rally were terrorists and should be arrested, we now joke around that our fat asses worked hard to climb the capitol walls.  Anyone that knows me  knows that I  ain’t scaling no walls.  To be called a terrorist  by the same media that praises organizations that destroyed whole cities and many businesses is an outrage.  99 percent of the estimated 2 million people there were law abiding tax payers that wanted thier vote to count and want a fair election.  Those others that went in the Capitol??   I don’t know who they are or who they represent but it’s not me..

We dont know what happened on the inside of the capitol.  We only know what the fake news says which is very sad because the social media have started taking  down our videos.

Any loss of life is tragic and sad. We don’t condone it.  Nor do we condone any distruction of our capitol building.  That’s not what we are about so before you blow hard fake news watching sheep get up on your soap boxes and run your mouths  stop and think for a minute.  You were NOT there and are you repeating the fake news OPINION as your own?
Also the day was gray, cloudy  windy and very cool.  When you see photographs of the police and Trump supporters clashing, some show bright sunshine. Those pics are false!  There was no sunshine ALL day!!!

This breach of the capitol reeks of being a planned operation by someone and the truth may never come out.  Open your eyes. Smell the coffee. There is games being played before your very eyes.  Wake up sheep!

I am researching the manner the group pushed past us, the red flare thing and the logo on the undercover police officers shirts.
More info in the comments as I find out more..


Alan Aiken




Aiken’s Twitter page follows a roster of Republican figures. His retweets give a flavor of his politics.

Boozman voted to accept the Electoral College vote.

Mars, the former State Police director who says he’s had others confirm the identities, sent me this comment today:

I don’t believe it would be appropriate for the ASP to discipline a trooper for attending a “political rally” on their personal time or even to investigate why they were there. But from my perspective, what was planned and occurred at the Capitol on January 6th could not reasonably be called a “political rally.” According to federal law enforcement sources, it was a well-planned effort to stop the certification of the electoral college votes – a process that is at the heart of our democracy. The likelihood of violence and criminal conduct was reasonably foreseeable as a means to that end (albeit not to the level that occurred).


Whatever label was attached to it before January 6th, the so-called “political rally” ended up being the worst example of mob violence and seditious criminality in modern times. This wasn’t a “ political rally.” It was a full-scale attack on our democracy and the representatives we elected to the Congress.


I’ve reviewed the social media postings made by both troopers. What they had to say before, during, and after the event raises serious questions in my mind about their judgment and, more importantly, their involvement in what was a well-planned act of sedition unlike anything our country has ever seen. One post by Trooper Aiken on Twitter could reasonably be interpreted to mean he was on the Senate floor or at least inside the Capitol. Whether he was or not, it was his choice to post comments on Twitter that created that impression. What’s more, both troopers published video and written remarks on social media that seemed to indicate they had no regrets about being at the Capitol on January 6th and that events were staged to falsely mislead the American public into believing that the violence and criminality that took place at the Capitol was caused by supporters of President Trump, which they both claim wasn’t true. That alone would give me pause for concern if I were the ASP Director.


All things considered, the known facts demand a thorough investigation of the activities and intentions of the two ASP troopers who’ve publicly described their participation in the horrific events that occurred on January 6th. The findings of that investigation should be made public with appropriate accountability.

I also was sent a note via Twitter today by Lance Lemmonds, a member of the Metro Police Force of Washington, responding to the conspiracy theory accounts Mars and I had mentioned.