Former Arkansas State Police Director Tom Mars, a lawyer in Rogers, continues to raise sand on social media over the refusal of the Arkansas State Police Director William Bryant and Governor Hutchinson to discuss the activities of two troopers who were in Washington Jan. 6 for the “Stop the Steal” rally that turned into a riot.


Troopers Karen Clark and Alan Aikens both have written on social media about being there. Clark wrote and posted video detailing her march to the Capitol, her observation of the breaching of the security perimeter by marchers, perhaps including her own entry to a restricted area outside the building. She said she didn’t enter the Capitol and returned to her hotel as events escalated.

Bryant told the governor, and the governor has repeated to media, that the troopers were NOT at the Capitol. One version or the other is incorrect.


As Mars’ Tweet above notes, the Los Angeles Police Department isn’t accepting wholly at face value the account of an officer who attended the rally but said he didn’t go on to the Capitol and observed nothing untoward. The Los Angeles Times quotes Police Chief Michael Moore:

Moore said the Capitol attack was such a glaring assault on democracy that scrutiny on those who attended was warranted. He said any LAPD officer who was there must “step forward, identify that they traveled, and say what their activities were.”

“This event, this action against our nation’s Capitol, and the sanctity of that democratic process being interrupted by riotous mobs — if anyone in this department had any role in that, first of all, they are to identify themselves,” Moore said.

Refreshing transparency. Hutchinson, by contrast, is hunkering down until this blows over, even to the point of repeatedly issuing a statement contradicted by evidence.


Trooper Clark took video. Does she still retain it on her phone? It could add useful images to the record in identifying people who later entered the Capitol. Terrible things happened both inside and outside the Capitol.

You can use the link below to see remarkable footage captured by a reporter for the New Yorker. He also wrote a gripping piece tracking the march from rally to the Capitol and subsequent rioting by insurrectionists (no evidence of the Antifa influence, which our troopers believe was responsible for the riot).