Mark Friedman of Arkansas Business reports that federal Judge P.K. Holmes has rejected a request for sanctions against lawyers for the Razorback Foundation for making “frivolous” claims of fraud by fired Hog football coach Bret Bielema, who is seeking $7 million in a contract buyout guaranteed by the foundation.

The Foundation countersued Bielema and claimed he had not tried to maximize earnings to maximize the foundation’s payout.


Bielema’s lawyers said the claim was frivolous. Holmes said, at this point, the foundation isn’t bound to accept Bielema’s statements and can continue inquiries to determine facts. He wrote yesterday:

“Should the Foundation ultimately determine its accused factual allegations have no evidentiary support, it will be expected to withdraw those allegations, to amend them to conform to the evidence, or to abandon them in response to dispositive motions practice,” Holmes said.

“Conversely, should evidentiary support be produced during discovery, the Foundation may persist in its claims.”

Related: This week Yahoo Sports reported that New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick had OVERpaid Bielema to avoid getting entangled in the Razorback contract dispute.