The governor is upbeat about the latest COVID numbers, with good reason.


Today’s number of active cases is the lowest in Arkansas since early June. We are making great progress in decreasing our new case numbers, but we must continue to get vaccinated. The best thing each of us can do is get the vaccine when it’s our turn.

But the glass still looks half-full to me on our vaccination rate. We are not using doses fast enough. Open up eligibility (the rules, like the governor’s mask rule, are being widely and inco nsistently ignored anyway) and call out the Guard to start mass distribution.

Even if 256,968 doses are in reserve for a second shot, 300,000 doses are available. At 4,000 a day, it will take a while to use. Even at 20,000 a day, a more typical performance, that’s a long way to go, with the promise of lots more vaccine on the way.


Today’s hospital count at 2 p.m.

Current hospitalizations: 250


Total Beds: 8,777

Total Beds Available: 2,436

Total ICU Beds: 1,182

Total ICU Beds Available: 111


Total Vents: 1,133

Total Vents Available: 827

Total Covid patients in ICU: 117

Total Covid patients on vents: 58