Recent reporting has covered Gillian Gullett, who stepped forward as a victim of sexual assault at the University of Arkansas in 2017 and has criticized the UA’s recent decision to pay $20,000 to the male student she said assaulted her to settle his lawsuit over the campus handling of his misconduct case.

Among other things, she complained that she learned of the settlement with “John Doe” from a reporter, not the university.


Gullett, a 2020 graduate, was joined by other students in a drive for five demands on sexual assault response.

She had a “virtual” session with Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz yesterday and posted on Twitter positive results.


Her thread of tweets announced:

The chancellor will set up a fund to provide assistance to students on campus experiencing sexual violence. He is open to using these funds towards legal services, medical/mental health services, housing relocation, fees associated with dropping courses, etc.


Callisto, an app that serves as a reporting platform, will be implemented by next school year.


The Title IX Coordinator has resigned effective this Friday and the entire department will be restructured, including more trauma-informed staff to be vetted by the student advisory board.


University Perspectives courses will be rewritten (overseen by the Provost) to include sexual violence AND antiracist curriculum.


In the future, the Dean of Students will be responsible for bridging the gaps between the university’s attorneys and students whose interests may be at stake in legal proceedings like these to ensure no student is left in the dark or blindsided again.

I’ve asked for comment from UA.