Well, it didn’t take long for Governor Hutchinson to back off expressed reluctance to send Arkansans to the Mexican border.

Governor Asa Hutchinson has authorized a 90-day deployment of up to 40 members of the Arkansas National Guard to Texas to assist with security at the state’s border with Mexico.

“I have authorized this mission in response to an official request from Texas on the urgent matter at our southern border,” Governor Hutchinson said. “My hope is that our 90 days of support will improve the security of our country and reduce the adverse impact of illegal immigration on Arkansas.”

The 90-day deployment will be consistent with a training mission for the National Guard.

At a news conference earlier today in which he said he would NOT send state troopers, as some states have done, he noted a difference between a request from governors and the president; a question about the mission, and a question about whether the Arkansas Guard had specific abilities useful to the mission.



This is Republica agitprop against the Biden administration, no more or less.


Asa masquerades as a moderate. He ain’t.

And a weenie, too. I can’t believe knew he wasn’t going to do this at the 1:30 p.m. news conference — as his remarks hinted. He just didn’t want to take questions about it.


At least he didn’t match Kristi Noem’s dispatch of 50 troops from South Dakota. What else does the Guard have to do? South Dakota is getting its costs covered by a wealthy Tennessee Republican.

I’ve asked Hutchinson’s office for the cost of the Arkansas deployment, what duties will be and how sending troops to the Mexican border is consistent with the mission of the state militia.

It’s a big show of nothing.

The U.S. is turning back people at the border and taking in asylum seekers, as always. And more are being turned away. Better or worse? It’s complicated.


Hutchinson joins Republicans in Florida, Nebraska, Idaho, South Dakota and Iowa in believing their state employees have plenty of free time to join a political charade.


UPDATE: A response from the governor on cost but not on why:

The cost is $375,000 – $400,000 and will be paid for through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

CORRECTION: It will be paid for through state appropriation. EMAC is the mechanism in which the  request is made.


90 days time 40.