Apart from mass brain transplants, there’s not much that can be done except encourage more people to get vaccinated.


Or maybe make them. I don’t think Trent Garner and the rest of Boobislature can stop private businesses from doing this, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try.


Meanwhile, here’s the rundown on the daily COVID-19 numbers in Arkansas.

New cases in 24 hours: 1,000 to 353,095. Highest count since January.


Deaths: 7 more, to 5,933.

Active Cases: 5,192, or 547 more than the day before.

Hospitalized: 432, up 16 from yesterday, with 176 in ICU and 80 on ventilators

Vaccinations: About 5,300 in a day.


The summary:

Think this an old folks’ problem? Think again.