GETTING A MAKEOVER: Little Rock city directors haven't been in their chambers for years. Brian Chilson

Don’t call the movers just yet. The Little Rock Board of Directors’ transition from their temporary set-up at the Centre at University Park back to their chambers at Little Rock City Hall is delayed due to asbestos and issues with the HVAC system, city spokesperson Aaron Sadler said.

“These types of delays aren’t entirely unexpected when renovating part of a 112-year-old building,” Sadler said.


City directors got booted out of their regular meeting space when the COVID-19 pandemic protocols urged social distancing. For more than three years, the board has met in the temporary location.

In March, the board of directors approved nearly $500,000 to renovate the chambers. Most of the allocation, $322,622, was set aside for construction. The other $173,342.48 was slated for new technology. The board was expected to be back at City Hall in May.


May came and went, and the board is still stuck at the Centre at University Park. There is no current estimate for when the space will be ready for the directors, Sadler said.

It cost $6,690 to remove the asbestos, which was paid for out of the renovation fund, Sadler said. The HVAC system hasn’t been priced or fixed yet. The board will have to approve the additional costs.


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