Election night is always kind of a mess!

Here’s where to go to find the latest vote tallies in the races you’re following.


Arkansas Advocate, the new kid on the block among Arkansas media, has a lively Super Tuesday live feed going, with some fun interviews with voters and results from races across the state.

Andrew DeMillo, AP’s man in Arkansas, is on the job tonight with some local coverage of the state Supreme Court races.


For just the raw data, the Pulaski County Election Commission does a good job posting the results as they go. You can follow along here.

The Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office has results for all the races across the state, although only about a third of Arkansas’s 75 counties had reported their results as of 10 p.m.


Regardless, this is the spot to see if U.S. Rep. Steve Womack can fend off a primary challenge from the right by state Sen. Clint Penzo. So far it’s looking like the answer is yes.