Ladies, ladies, ladies, please, will you stop with the fake, “oh my gosh” girl personality?  If I have to listen to another introduction between two perfectly intelligent, perfectly business oriented women that goes like this:

“HAAAAAAAAAY! I’m XXXXXX, SO! Good to meet you…”


“HAAAAAAAAAAAY Girl! I’m XXXXXX, SO GOOD! to put a face to a name….”

“Oh my gosh, those are the cutest shoes!”


“Thanks, I’ve had them for like forever, cute bag!”



Where the end of every sentence trails off in a question inflection.  It’s like they’re rushing each other for a sorority neither one of them wants to be in.  I mean come on, I’m all for women in the workforce, break the glass ceiling, do your thing, but is part of your thing an annoying valley girl voice that sounds like your going to go back to the conference room and braid each other’s hair and talk about boys?

Whatevs, so over it, oh my gosh! M.R.