Sad Daddy

On Friday, March 20, Bandcamp — a streaming platform known for paying artists a bigger share of profits than competitors like Spotify — is waiving its revenue share for all sales conducted between midnight Thursday, March 19, and midnight Friday, March 20. That means more money goes into the pockets of Arkansas musicians like the one on the list that follows.

And, if you’re married to another streaming platform, or are otherwise looking for more to stock your quarantine playlist, we’ve got a few suggestions. Meanwhile:


Tributaries – The Cons of Formant


Arkansas Bo – I’m Tiiide Of Dis Shxt


Jaws of the Ouachita – Hell Camino

Live at White Water Tavern – Sad Daddy


I Am Not Them: The Legacy Project – Big Piph

Allegory – Yuni Wa

One Party System – Terminal Nation/Neckbeard Deathcamp

Handmade Moments – Paw Paw Tree

Drive – 607



To Tell You the Truth – Willi Carlisle