Art Notes

Artist V.L. Cox on 'escape velocity' and keeping an eye on home from her perch in Peekskill, New York

"I’ve had CEOs of billion-dollar international companies come up to me at events and art openings over the past few years and say, 'I’m very concerned about what’s going on down there.' They don’t care if Arkansas is a beautiful state. They don’t care about sports. They care about how people are treated and where to put their next multi-million-dollar business expansion. They care about their investments and their reputation."

Arkansas Made: Humor, surrealism and ingenuity in our state’s material history

With vivid photography from Rett Peek and devoted attention paid to the makers’ techniques, and to the economic and cultural circumstances that framed their varied work, the books make Arkansas’s material history feel exactly as it should: textured and lively and tangible.

The post-pandemic art world in Arkansas

More gallery space, more programming, more culture on tap.

UA Little Rock alum's "Sompasauna" features photography of egalitarian bathing spaces

Up at the the Windgate Center of Art and Design at UA Little Rock from Feb. 22-March 19 is "Sompasauna," an exhibit from UA Little Rock alum and adjunct photography professor Dylan Yarbrough.

Arkansas Arts Center rebranded as Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts; fundraising goal surpassed by $8 million

The Arkansas Arts Center has a new name: the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. Leaders gathered at a press conference today to announce the new name and provide an update on its facility, which is being renovated and expanded. 

Arkansas Craft Guild Showcase goes up this weekend at the state fairgrounds

Hours are 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday.

Frea Buckler show goes up at The New Gallery

British artist Frea Buckler, whose hard-edge, saturated-color geometric works have been exhibited widely in the United Kingdom and seen in galleries in New York and Denver, brings “Loop Sequence” to The New Gallery at 1619 Scott St. starting Nov. 6.

Calling all women artists for the Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts' artist registry

Women artists, get yourself on the registry with Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts (ACNMWA).

Belong, at The Momentary

Walton-backed venue opens (momentarily) in Bentonville.

The Aggressive Forest: A conversation with Anaïs Dassé

"I always felt the way we display the information — the viewer in front of it — everybody is filling gaps. In the end, they [the curators] can tell you whatever they want. This is also the question of colonialism: In these narratives, the 'winner' is the one talking. It’s not just missing information; it’s about how we write history. Who are the 'savages'?" 

A transporting installation at UALR, plus Asian expressions of oppression

On "Water Memory" and more.

Two for 2nd Friday

Brewer family at Butler, Bryant at HAM.

Why abstract art?

Because Peters.

Art outbreak

2nd Friday features Peters, Holl Collection, LGBTQ work; Delta Exhibition opens.

Black magic

Women's work in wire, metalpoint, fabric, glass, cut paper at Hearne.

"Delta": A fine mix

Two-headed calf brings home bacon.

Open galleries, open studios

And a painting left on the wall.

'Jobbers,' 'Dreams'

Representational fantasy at UALR.

Swift Collection of photos creates portrait of an era

It's likely that the photographs now on exhibit in the Arkansas Studies Institute's Concordia Hall are unlike any that most folks have seen.

'Our America': hot colors, hot show

At the Arkansas Arts Center.