Best Bets

Disappeared in America

Jim Mize is a songwriting genius who keeps a low profile.

Ladies’ Night

Female MCs get their turn in the limelight.

Interview with the vampire writer

Arkansas’s most widely read novelist is soon to have her Southern vampire series adapted for HBO.

Not just tight—supa-tight

Since his teens, people have called Leron McAdoo “Mr. Miscellaneous.” It’s the third of his AKAs (after Ron Mc, the name by which folks in the hip-hop community know him), but surely the most fitting. At 6 p.m. Thursday at the Riverdale 10 movie theat

Harlem world

Chauncey Holloman has a strange project in the works: She’s writing a self-help book. It’s not that the genre itself is strange, but rather that the 19-year-old seems oddly placed to be writing it.

LGBQT film festival schedule

A schedule of films screening at Easy Street Piano bar this weekend.

‘Bob and Jack,’ 52 years and counting

A new documentary tells the story of an elderly gay couple who met during the Korean War.

Prepare to be Barded

The Arkansas Shakespeare Festival curtsies into Conway.

Steadily conquering stages

It’s Craig Finn’s skewed barroom poetry that has propelled the Hold Steady into a full-on critical embrace.

Making it big, locally

Consider the Little Rock curse. With the exception of Evanescence, which seems to be ever-spiraling towards self-implosion, no Little Rock group has managed, over the last couple of decades, to break through nationally in any sort of demonstrable or prolo

A riverboat get-down

An all-star New Orleans band teams with Mardi Gras Indians for a concert Friday on the Arkansas Queen.

Our scene could be your life

A new documentary tells the story of Little Rock's underground music scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The next South Park?

Brad Neely is poised to be a household name in webcast comedy.

From Russia, with a little bit of love

Frustrated with what he calls a "static" music market in Little Rock, rapper 607 has gone to Moscow to be part of the underground hip-hop scene.

It's a fiesta

Cinco de Mayo festival brings music, art, food to the River Market on May 6.

What a great, fast eight years

Jim Harris ponders his eight years at the Times in his final column.

Nothing to hiss at

Interviewing most snakes might be difficult, but Athena, a six-foot female boa constrictor from Conway who appears in "Bertrand Priest," is an exception.

Rod in the round

Rod Stewart will present his show "in the round" at Altell on Friday.

Get your Lit on!

Yes, bibliophiles and bookworms, it’s that time of year again: time for the fourth annual Arkansas Literary Festival.

Ronstadt’s super with ASO

Linda Ronstadt sings tonight with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.