Fans of the oh-so-wonderfully-bad 1970s Blaxploitation movies will remember Rudy Ray Moore as the kung-fu fightin’ pimp hero named Dolemite and the master of the genre (along with “Superfly” star Ron O’Neal). Comedian Moore will be appearing in concert at Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom on Friday, Dec. 16.

Moore’s “blue” comedy albums are the delicious ultimate in urban gutter humor. The first, “Eat Out More Often,” sold very well, considering stores at the time felt the need to encase the naughty T-and-A cover in a plain brown paper bag. His movies proved no less salacious, with lots of naked booty shots, and his super-pimp persona sticking it to the Man (and ahem, the ladies) in “Dolemite,” “Dolemite 2: The Human Tornado” and “Disco Godfather,” among others.


Moore, like Redd Foxx or the late Richard Pryor, makes the use of profanity an art; nothing is sacred and everything is delightfully unpretentious. He is one of the comedians who blazed a path for later stars such as Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy.

Local comedians will open the show at 10 p.m. Admission for ages 18 and up is $15.


There was an important movement in rock, born in New York City in the late ’70s and early ’80s, that mixed reggae and punk with heavy metal, rap and jazz, drawing meaning from both Bob Marley and the Buzzcocks. Bad Brains was one of the pioneers of the sound — their debut in 1979 was a 45 entitled “Pay to Cum.”

The band’s brilliant and slightly off-kilter vocalist, HR, will be appearing at Downtown Music on Saturday, Dec. 17, with his back-up band, the Dubb Agents.


Opening acts, starting at 7:30 p.m., include the punks and puppeteers of Soophie Nun Squad, as well as Tsui Generiz. Admission is $7 for all ages.

The Unitarian Universalist Church at 1818 Reservoir Road is getting in on the acoustic music scene. They’ll host singer/songwriter acts every third Friday of the month. Jacksonville, Fla., songwriter and finger-style guitarist David Milam will perform at 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 16.

The title song of Milam’s latest album, “Livin’ Out My Dream,” was named best narrative song of the year by his peers at SongTickets are $10 at the door, or $5 in advance. The show is non-smoking and alcohol-free with a coffee bar. For more information, call 225-1503.

Vino’s Brewpub celebrates the holidays Saturday, Dec. 17, with pop-rock band Ho-Hum, whom we assume local music lovers and club-goers know well. Ho-Hum’s newest CD is titled “Losty.”


The show will have an interesting opening act: the 10-year reunion performance of the Rockin’ Guys, who were mainstays at Vino’s and Juanita’s a decade ago. They are indeed still rockin’, apparently — they have a new Christmas album, titled “Christmas in Jail.”

Admission for the 9 p.m. all-ages show is $6.

Jim Mize will be headlining a show at the White Water Tavern on Friday, Dec. 16. Mize has worked with such blues legends as Junior Kimbrough and T-Model Ford, and is in the process of recording an album due out in 2006 with Dave Hoffpauir (formerly of Mulehead, now of the Sara Thomas Band) and Jason Weinheimer (Boondogs).

Sara Thomas, along with Howell and Caskey, a vintage blues acoustic duo from Louisiana, will open. The show starts at 9 p.m., and cover is $5.

Heads up: Max Recordings act the Big Cats will appear along with Kevin Kerby at 9:30 p.m. next Thursday, Dec. 22, at Sticky Fingerz. It should be a big show, and Kerby has a new CD out, “The Secret Life of Radios.” Admission is $6.

And taking us back a bit, Trusty will appear at Vino’s with Sugar and the Raw at 9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 23. Admission is $6.