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Adams coming home; Israel get big break

Joey Lauren Adams told us Monday she’s still in the process of lining up all the details for a local premiere of her film, “Come Early Morning,” starring Ashley Judd, but as we were writing this it seemed the devil was in those details.

Hamilton calls on another great friend

We’ve got so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend: family, friends, good health, lots of local entertainment to write about and those of you willing to read about it, and a magical Razorback football season, which for me and others has meant

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Paris exceeds all expectations

Asti's “moral outrage”

Bill Asti, a Little Rock architect and the former chairman of the board of directors of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute, had finally had enough.

The Village aims high

Pete Yorn is a terrific pop singer-songwriter from the Northeast United States with a great band of Brits backing him. He'll make his first Little Rock appearance Nov. 10 at the new Village, the nightclub in the old Cinema 150 at Asher and University.

Saturday is stadium’s time to shine

First-time visitors this season to Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium — and, if you didn’t heed my advice and attend the Oct. 14 UAPB-Grambling game, you should have; it was a terrific day — will notice significant improvements to the stadium.

A film fan’s heaven

For those who ever dreamed of making a documentary — and I’m guessing there may be many of you with Sony digital cameras who’ve had that thought lately — the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival provides a great opportunity for educating the wannabe film

Fitz Hill’s good fight

Dr. Fitz Hill, the first-year president of Arkansas Baptist College and a former star college football player and coach, learned long ago that he could use the public’s interest in football to make them aware of problems that usually go unnoticed.

A real driving force

It’s fun to sit across a table from someone as passionate as Carol Dolan is about cars, the monthly Cruisin’ in the Rock and next week’s Sonic Big Cruisefest. Her excitement just grips you and tells you that if you’re not there, you will be missing out on

Stadium addresses tailgating mess

Something seemed amiss when I glanced at my University of Arkansas football scholarship parking tag for the two War Memorial Stadium games this fall.

My kind of town

Chicago gets better with each visit. We spent the past weekend there, coinciding with a spectacular early fall weather front that made it difficult to leave for home on Sunday. Our visit coincided with the best game the Cubs have played all year, not that

Old wounds finally heal

For any Arkansas Razorback football fan who’s around 42 or older, the 1969 loss to Texas 15-14 in the “Game of the Century” left a scar on the psyche.

First Tee enjoys a big weekend

Robert Carter, a 16-year-old at Little Rock Catholic High School, was out in California last weekend, though not because he wanted to hang out in a state that has real college football teams. He was playing golf, but not at just any course, and not with

‘Rock and Rabbi’ starts fall shows

Unless you’ve been to Orlando, Fla., or Tulsa, or maybe to West Texas recently, you probably haven’t heard of “The Rock and the Rabbi.” It’s not “Mamma Mia,” and it didn’t take Broadway by a storm.

A sportsman’s good idea

Before Rex Nelson opined about politics for the statewide daily, wrote about business, opined about politics some more and then spent a few years in the governor’s office trying to explain what Mike Huckabee was trying to say, he was a sports guy. Still

Classic funk comes to the North Shore

If there is a positive about Saturday’s Al Green show at Riverfest Amphitheatre being postponed (see story on this page), it’s that now we don’t have clashing shows on opposite sides of the river that were certain to make some R&B lovers have to choose li

Hot August shows coming

Before getting to back to the entertainment happenings, a final word on a week of mourning over the death of Paul Eells, the voice of the Razorbacks and KATV sportscaster: If you didn’t attend last Friday’s memorial service at Robinson Center, which turne

On Paul Eells, film fest shakeup

Many Arkansans woke up Tuesday to the same kick in the gut I remember feeling on a early fall Friday morning in 1974, when I heard that the “Voice of the Razorbacks,” Bud Campbell, had been killed late the night before in a car accident. Monday night,

Labors of love on the screen

Market Street Cinema has an interesting movie on for another week –- Andy Garcia’s “The Lost City,” a love letter to his native Cuba, in which Garcia not only directed and starred, but also composed the music and performed much of it on piano. It’s a pe

Celtic group plays Sticky’s

While I’m writing this, the Irish four-piece Fuchsia Band is playing in my CD. It’s addictive stuff.