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Jordan Peele’s "Us" is no coincidence

In Jordan Peele's new movie "Us," the "Get Out" director unveils his "new nightmare:" People who look exactly like us and seek to take our place.

Ernie Kovacs centennial puts focus on TV genius' fuzzy but groundbreaking archive

Kovacs was the "Mad" magazine of the boob tube.

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'Vice' is daft, dark and dadaistic

Bale's Cheney is a quiet, calculating emperor on the rise.

'Into the Spider-Verse' is a hallucinogenic web of pulpy styles

More is more.

The Great British Baking Show' is both competition and confection

The sponge also rises.

'Ralph Breaks the Internet' lacks the joy of its predecessor

Same song, darker verse.

'Widows' makes heist films feel tense again

Thirty days, or else.

'Outlaw King' will get you by

Until the new 'Game of Thrones' comes out.

"Mid90s" is more indie drama than skater film

More tricks!

David Gordon Green successfully reboots 'Halloween'

With scares and believable characters.

Space Cowboy

Stoicism is survival in ‘First Man.’

'A Star Is Born' remake is anything but shallow

Dive bar diamonds.

A hymn to Q

Quincy Jones doc is a rapid-fire arrangement.

In "Fahrenheit 11-9," Moore can't spray everything

Too many things burning.

'The Nun' delivers on the monster thrills, even if they're cheap ones

Starring creatures of habit.

'The Happytime Murders' is gleeful, glossy trash

Puppets gone bad.

'Crazy Rich Asians' feels crazy familiar

Representation and the rom-com.

'Blackkklansman' delves deep, even as it entertains

It's Kkkomedy.


In 'Leave No Trace,' exile's not for everyone.

Not exactly make-believe

Biopic shows us Fred Rogers was an open book.