LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: This sign from Full Moon will help her communicate.

OK, so what I really want for Mother’s Day is 24 hours alone in a dark, sound-proof room. Like once a week. 

Doubt that’ll be arriving in a box from Amazon anytime soon, though, so I’ve rounded up a few more gift ideas in case anyone’s reading. Ahem.  


Here’s the thing about motherhood: It wears you out. So if it’s not within your power to actually give your mom or wife or sister some extra sleep on May 11, think in terms of making a few of her waking hours as self-indulgent as possible.  

If you’ve really got no clue where to start, I’d suggest hitting Tuesday Morning. This is a great store for gift-shopping: It’s got a little bit of everything but it’s small enough to be manageable, and the prices are definitely right. The merchandise changes frequently, but there’s always some selection of expensive-looking bath products, books on topics like gardening, cooking and crafting, dishes and cookware, frames and games, purses and slippers. My favorite this last visit, and a good option for an older mom whose salad days were half a century ago, is a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of the “Rebel without a Cause” movie poster, for $7. What better way to pass a few hours than by slowly assembling James Dean’s face on a card table?


If your budget’s a little bigger, plan a night away and stop by Bella Boutique in the Heights to put together a little overnight gift bag. Start with a printed canvas cosmetics bag from Sophia ($38) and stock it with anything from Bella’s extensive inventory of bath and beauty products. If you’re buying for a woman who appreciates goofy-sounding names, pick up some peppermint foot lotion from Asquith and Somerset ($11). (Ay-squith. I’m saying it over and over and over.) If your mom’s not the girly-cosmetics type, maybe a set of Lightfoot’s pine athletic soap ($22 for four).  There’s also a good selection of products for 75 percent off.  

Ideas for the crafty mom: A set of fancy knitting needles from the Yarn Mart, or maybe two or three skeins of fun-looking yarn she can turn into a scarf or a baby hat or whatever else strikes her fancy. You can also pick up a Knitwhits kit, which contains everything you need to make a specific project (prices start around $50).  


For the single mom who hasn’t yet lost her sense of humor, Full Moon in Hillcrest has the perfect fridge magnet: “Counting losers is what I do best.” There’s also “Therapy has taught me it’s all your fault.” Hey, it’d make me laugh. 

Full Moon has some fun kitchen stuff for the domestic diva: Ruffly patchwork boho aprons ($43), one of those faux-old-timey tin signs saying “Be Nice or Leave” ($55), wineglasses painted with women’s faces in a variety of hair- and eye-color combinations ($25.50), a line of “Conversation Starter” games that provide questions to get a discussion going (comes in couples, family, teen, girls-night-out, original and “spirit” versions, $27). From the girls-night-out edition: “If you had to gain 10 pounds, what would you eat to do it?” Uh, the usual?  

And finally, from the Container Store, a couple of ideas for making the morning scramble a little more bearable. The Doorganizer ($15) hangs on your doorknob like those hotel “do not disturb” placards, and has several pockets to hold keys, permission slips, bills, cell phone, etc. Slips right off the doorknob, so you could just take the whole thing with you and sort out the contents at the red lights.

Another option is the Purseket purse organizer, a fabric creation with six pockets that rolls up to fit in your purse. Put your essential stuff in the pockets, and when you want to switch purses, just grab the Purseket instead of fishing around for everything individually, which invariably means something will hit the floor and roll under the washing machine. $20.


For the mom-to-be or new mom: Take advantage of Charlie Children’s Boutique’s closing sale — everything in the store is 50 percent off.

As for that child-free, sound-proof dream room … maybe next year.