T minus one month until the total solar eclipse

Two-thirds of Arkansas will be in the solar eclipse’s path of totality on April 8, and now's the time to prepare. Consider these facts and figures before you kick off your celestial celebrations.

The queen’s gambit: Gov. Sanders and Co. play political games with overcrowded prisons

The governor's plan to add more people to existing prisons, regardless of capacity or prison staffing, has her at loggerheads with the state Board of Corrections.

Rock Town Roller Derby's game-time alter egos, and the real athletes behind them

The two-pronged spirit of roller derby — a sport that marries structure with chaos, athleticism with theater — is alive and well in Little Rock.

Big on Burge's: A photo essay

How a cold turkey salad turned a Heights deli into an institution.

Playing into a trance: Joshua Asante's origin story

Before Joshua Asante was even born, the idea that he was chosen followed him around. After learning by way of pure intuition that she was pregnant with Joshua, his mother attended a tent revival where a minister passed her by, stopped in his tracks and then turned around. “He touched her womb and kind of lost his cool,” Asante said. Because his mother hadn’t yet told anyone about the baby, she took the clergyman’s gesture as an affirmation that all the mystical energy she’d been feeling around her gestating child was something to take seriously. These expectations shaped his creative life.

2023 Arkansas Times Academic All-Stars team

The kids are alright.
illustration of Sarah Huckabee Sanders on a wrecking ball

Making Arkansas worse again

A pliable legislature stomped on the poor, indulged the rich and threw teachers, librarians, children and trans people under the bus, all because the MAGA governor told them to.
picture of Steve Landers, Greg Henderson and Frank Scott Jr.

Little Rock mayoral showdown

Crime, race, place and partisanship dominate a bruising mayor’s race.

Brad Cushman is pressing the pause button

After a decades-long career as a curator, Brad Cushman is taking a breath.

Meet Karen Musick, the 'abortion rights missionary' of Arkansas

As a fifth-generation Seventh Day Adventist, Karen Musick always wanted to be a missionary. She’s been doing just that — as an abortion clinic escort.

Best Restaurants in Arkansas 2022

Readers Choice picks reveal a healthy restaurant scene in unhealthy times.

Wild Sweet William’s and KnightFire BBQ make Searcy a dining destination

Barbecue and pastries worth driving for.

Pizza, beer and punk: An oral history of Vino's

Punk and pie will never die.

The Don next door: How my quiet neighbor turned out to be a freedom fighter (and got shot in the face by police)

The normcore dad across the street gets his teeth and jaw shattered at a protest against police brutality. And taking a spray of lead shot to the face was just the beginning of his troubles.

Wind energy gains ground in Arkansas

One of Arkansas’s biggest utilities is delivering wind power to thousands of homes in the state, and the company says more is on the way.

He had a BB gun. A cop had a semiautomatic rifle. Without warning, the officer fired five times.

LRPD Officer Dennis Hutchins faces a civil trial this week in the 2016 killing of Roy Richards, who was holding what officers thought was a long gun. But the police did not announce their presence.
picture of author Trenton Lee Stewart

Trenton Lee Stewart’s ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ is an enterprise in emotional memory

The Little Rock author, whose beloved middle-grade novels spawned a new "Disney Plus" adaptation, specializes in riddles, puzzles, mazes and daydreams.
illustration of chemistry lab

'Breaking Bad' at Henderson State

In November 2019, two chemistry professors at Henderson State University were arrested for allegedly producing methamphetamine on campus. Documents suggest the trouble may have started much earlier.

Change of the guard: White Water Tavern reopens in August under new ownership

Through its 45-year history, it's stayed just the way we like it: crusty, unpretentious, sweetly familiar. And here’s the good news: After a year and change of being shuttered, the place looks largely the same ahead of its reopening.
Illustration of the Hernando De Soto Bridge, I-40 to Memphis

One cracked bridge. One person fired. A troubling rush to judgment raises major questions about bridge inspections.

An investigation into what happened after the crack in the Hernando DeSoto Bridge over the Mississippi River was discovered revealed a troubling rush to judgment, evidence the crack has existed for at least seven years and major questions about the procedures and thoroughness of the current bridge inspection

Meet Barbara Hendricks — lyric soprano, Swedish citizen and refugee advocate from Ouachita County, Arkansas

How Barbara Hendricks sang her way out of rural Arkansas, onto the world’s biggest opera stages and into the lives of refugees across the globe.

‘Kids feel like they’re being erased’: Inside the clinic targeted by Arkansas’s new anti-trans law

A new state law puts Arkansas doctors who work with transgender youth in a difficult bind: They must either stop providing what they consider to be life-saving medication to their young patients or risk losing their medical license.

Fish story: chasing Byrdes and getting bit at Lake of the Ozarks

Jason Bateman never showed, but we were too busy spelunking, catching crappie and gorging on frozen custard to care.

The 2021 Arkansas Times Academic All-Star team

The 2021 Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Team, the 27th team the Times has honored, includes quiz bowl savants, budding novelists, future engineers and doctors and championship athletes. There’s rarely a B on the transcripts of these students in not just this, their senior year, but in any year of their high school careers.