First Lady Janet Huckabee has quit her job with Hanke Brothers, the siding company, she told the Times last week, because she is too busy with other things, including visiting Katrina evacuee camps and helping organize relief efforts.
The first lady also announced last week she was no longer interested in building an executive residence just east of the Governor’s Mansion in light of the homelessness of so many victims of the devastating hurricane. She was grieved that her efforts to help an evacuee rejoin his sick mother before she died had failed. She said she was proud of how Arkansans have responded to the needs of the thousands of people who’ve sought help here.
Asked if she might also be busy soon campaigning with her husband, who’s been mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for president, she shook her head and said it was too soon to talk about that. No decisions had been made. Campaigning for president, she said, would be “grueling.” But she was gratified that her husband had been given such attention.
One thing she knows for sure, she said: When they leave the mansion, “One of us has got to get a job.”