Taken from Laurie Taylor’s web site, these are excerpts from books she sought to have removed from Fayetteville school libraries or placed on restricted-access status:
“Push” by Sapphire — “My clit swell up I think Daddy. Daddy sick me, disgust me, but still he sex me up … nawshus … but hot tight in my twat … pump my pussy in out in out in out aww I come. He bite me hard … slam his hips into me HARD. I scream in pain he come … call me Fat Mama, Big Hole! You LOVE it! Say you love it … wanna say I DON’T … I’m a chile. But my pussy popping like grease in a frying pan.”
“Deal With It!: A whole new approach to your body, brain and life as a gurl,” by Esther Drill, Heather McDonald, Rebecca Odes — “Sexual preference is a continuum … not … question of being gay or straight … people move around on this continuum over time … I try to look into my boyfriend’s eyes when I’m sucking … get him off faster … lick and suck his balls … If my mouth gets tired I use my hands to jerk him off … until I can suck again … make my mouth soft but tight … Concentrate on the head … Underneath the shaft is also a good place … ”
“Beloved” by Toni Morrison — “Minus women, fucking cows, dreaming of rape … rubbing their thighs and waiting for the new girl … She waited a year … the men abused cows while they waited for her. She chose H. for … first bedding … before him was new girl they dreamed of at night and fucked cows for at dawn … It was over before they could get their clothes off. Half dressed and short of breath, they lay side by side resentful of one another … “
“Ragtime” by E. L. Doctorow — “Her pelvis rose from the bed … began to ripple on the bed like a wave on the sea … hoarse unearthly cry … closet door flew open and Mother’s Younger Brother fell into the room, his face twisted in saintly mortification … clutching in his hands, as if trying to choke it, a rampant penis which whipped him about the floor, launching to his cries of ecstasy or despair, great filamented spurts of jism that traced the air like bullets and then settled slowly over E. in her bed like falling ticker tape.”