7 p.m., Alltel Arena. $17.75-$87.75.

Even in this age of Lebrons and Kobes and And1 streetballers with
their 720s and off-the-head alley-oops, the Harlem Globetrotters could
never be called passe. Sure, they’re still goofy (read: family
friendly); they’ve still got names like “Moo Moo” and “Sweet Pea,” and
I’m sure they’re still doing granny-shot tricks. But the ‘Trotters
still reign supreme at cool, effortless basketball acrobatics. They
knee dribble, blind-fold dunk, shoot hook-shots from half-court, do
between-the-legs alley-oops — all the moves you mastered in your room
on your Nerf goal long ago. For fans of sportsmanship, you’re not
likely to find another team so apt at dunking on people that’ll smile
through it all. Plus, “Sweet Georgia Brown” might be the best theme
song ever. Whistle away. Bonus Harlem Globetrotters tidbit: Top three
most unlikely honorary Globetrotters — Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger and
Pope John Paul II.