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Native's Guide 2021

Native's Guide 2021

January 1, 2021

Vol 45 • No 40

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Cheap eats in Central Arkansas

Seven meals for under $10.

A guide to urban hiking in Central Arkansas

A walk in the woods in the city. 

Arkansas beers to try before you die

Twenty years have gone by since Diamond Bear Brewing revived the art of making beer in Arkansas. In the interim, the craft brewing industry has evolved into something of a scene, with everything from sours to saisons available pretty much whenever you want, in the taproom or in the liquor store cooler. Here we’ve aimed to help you navigate those foamy waters with a selection of a few Arkansas beers worth seeking out. 

Crystal Bridges’ craft exhibition expands the definition of the art form

And bodes well for things to come at the museum.

The cult of Trump

That was some scary business the week after the presidential election and beyond in many parts of the country, including our tranquil little state. It was a level of hate and ferocity not experienced in American or local politics in a lifetime. 

Resolutions 2021

At last, we come to the end. How it is that 2020 wound up lasting 36 months or so we’ll never know. That’s a problem for the eggheads up at the college maybe, though whether you should contact Quantum Physics, Poli Sci or the Philosophy Department to try and crack that nut is anybody’s guess. But whatever the case, here, after long and terrible months, we come to the end of the dread year of 2020.

Arkansas medical marijuana legal wranglings

Questions over award of latest dispensary, ownership change of cultivation center and more.

The Inconsequential News Quiz: The First Month of the Rest of Your Life Edition

Play at home, while not worrying about what Joe Biden is saying on Twitter.

Tippi McCullough sees hope for state Democrats

State Rep. Tippi McCullough (D-Little Rock) talks about the future of the Democratic Party of Arkansas and the coming 93rd Arkansas General Assembly, which convenes Jan. 11.