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Spring Arts

Spring Arts

March 13, 2014

Vol 22 • No 3

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Don't just dream a dream

Live it, with "Les Mis," "The Wizard of Oz" and more.

Spring film guide

Cinema blooms in the spring, including Horror Show, LR Film Festival, Foothills and the Ron Robinson Theater.

2014 spring arts calendar

Books, music, theater, film and more.

2014 Spring arts guide

A preview of the season's music, film and theater offerings.

You'll hear a symphony

And Cher, Salty Dogs, Salt-N-Pepa and more.

Worker killed in apparent fall from roof

James Taylor, 51, of Cabot, was killed about 9:40 a.m. today in what Little Rock police are calling an industrial accident at 1900 W. 65th Street.

A new gallery for downtown NLR, in Laman's Argenta branch

Another venue for Argenta ArtWalk

Create a one-of-a-kind pocket knife

Build something practical with this DIY Scrimshaw Knife Kit. The kit includes everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind pocket knife. It's a perfect starter introduction for scrimshaw. Add a family name, original design or an organization’s symbols to the classic trapper-style pocket knife. Made by the knife expert in Fayetteville.

UPDATE: Jury convicts Jack Gillean, former UCA official, hands down three-year sentence

Jack Gillean, former University of Central Arkansas chief of staff, has been convicted by a jury in Clinton of six burglary charges in supplying a student with a master key to gain access to professors' offices to obtain copies of tests.

The open line: Preparing for a new speaker; tracking more nursing home contributions to a judicial candidate; voter ID lawsuit

The open line. News roundup includes a look ahead to election of a new speaker of the Arkansas House; the sighting of more nursing home money in the race for another judgeship in Conway; lawsuit filed over state Voter ID law.

The coming teachers' insurance funding crisis, a punt on NSLA funds and more updates on K-12 education policy in Arkansas

With the endless debate on the private option Medicaid expansion eclipsing most other issues this fiscal session, it’s been easy to forget that Arkansas’s spending on health care remains far outweighed by the largest component of the budget — schools. Education remains at the center of state public policy, and although the legislature did not make any sweeping changes to the school system within the limited confines of the fiscal session, there’s plenty on the horizon. Expect every measure that failed in 2014 to re-emerge in 2015, if not sooner.

Speak, Arkansas: Gaylord Hunter

In our new series, Arkansans tell their life story in their own words. We begin with Gaylord Hunter, a Little Rock native with a front-row seat to music history.

Water Liars to White Water Tavern

Also, Valley of the Vapors in Hot Springs, 'A Face in the Crowd' at the Old State House, Bolly Holi Day at Ron Robinson, Kenneth Johnson Seminar at St. James United Methodist Church, King Buzzo at Stickyz and "The Raid 2" at Ron Robinson.

Arkansas senator says Special Language subcommittee actions violate state constitution

On paper, S.L. is an afterthought; in practice, it's long been a powerful tool for experienced legislators to shape policy.

Shoffner: Dumb and dumber

The trial of former Arkansas Treasurer Martha Shoffner had few surprises.

It had to be byss

Among the things Winston Churchill knew that I don't (a rather lengthy list, incidentally): "There are learned men who do not know that byss is the opposite of abyss.

Two flags

Happy days are indeed here again, as they were in that time of peace and prosperity we remember as the Clinton administration. But we cannot say with equal conviction that It's a Grand Old Flag (again). It kind of depends on which side you're looking at.

Mad Nomad for the win

Of the 2014 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase.

Postseason purgatory

What else can you say and/or write about this Arkansas Razorback basketball team? Senior Night cuts both ways, boys. Enjoy your own all you must, but be mindful of those vibes the last home game gives the host, lest you be bullied by a far inferior team.

Bitter tears

Unfortunately, the images I see today in east Little Rock are exactly what I saw several years ago: the same potholed streets, the same cracked and uneven sidewalks, the same vacant lots, and the same distressed housing

It was a good week for coon dog justice

It was also a good week for a name change and Timothy Brooks. It was a bad week for Asa Hutchinson and Circuit Judge Mike Maggio.

Living history

A friend of The Observer who works at the Arkansas Studies Institute just down the street from the Fortress of Employment sent us a link the other day to what we believe to be some of the most moving home video footage ever shot in the state: a soundless, 2-minute, 42-second clip that has been buried in its archives for a while now.

Hard times

Soulwise, these are trying times for Razorback sports fans, about as bad as we can remember.

Olson killing needs attention

I read the recent article ("The brutal randomness ... ," Feb. 27) about Samantha Olson's apparently random shooting in North Little Rock.

On foreign policy, Rand Paul makes sense

When Senator Rand Paul owns the most sensible voice on a foreign crisis and still captures the blessings of the far right, you know things have gotten overheated.

Rep goes big with 'Les Mis'

A must-see for musical theater fans.

The 11th Annual World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade is happening

Also, Jeff Bridges at the Clinton School.

'Crossroads of memory': Unforgettable

Carroll Cloar exhibition one of Arts Center's best.

Measuring kids

Helicopter parents, start your engines. They're revising the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) again, and you know what that means. More weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. More complaints about the unfairness of life and of American society. More free-floating status anxiety projected onto adolescent children already uneasy about leaving the parental nest. Or eager to escape it.

Bloodier! Nakeder! Dumber!

'300: Rise of an Empire' doesn't rise to the occasion.

Small bites

A sampling from our food and drinks blog, Eat Arkansas.

River Market tunes

Daryl Minefee, 60, has been playing the saxophone since he was 8. Minefee now plays for fun outside for people whenever there's a nice day.

UA law analysis: 'Open carry' law is ambiguous, also all or nothing

Did the Arkansas legislature really intend to allow open carry of guns in addressing a technical issue of what constitutes a 'journey' under the old law on carrying a firearm? No, says a new legal analysis.

It takes a bus: UA leaders retreat to Petit Jean

Leaders of the University Arkansas campus in Fayetteville "retreated" to Petit Jean this week. It took a bus to accommodate the crowd.

Fracked: How energy companies, particularly Chesapeake, profiteer

The Arkansas legislature just passed a piece of unconstitutional legislation sponsored by Sen. Jonathan Dismang to cut an energy company's cost of business in Arkansas by $4 million by relabeling the sand injected underground for fracking as tax-exempt "equipment." It's symbolic of the shafting written much larger in shale gas plays around the country, led by the likes of Chesapeake Energy.

Suspect arrested in shooting death at 17th and Battery

Freddie Hinton, 26, was fatally shot about 7 p.m. Wednesday at his home at 1622 Battery Street. Another man who lives at the address has been arrested.

Stickwork artist Dougherty coming to UCA

Three-week installation in September.

A rustic, modern, Arkansas-made side table

The husband and wife team of Wellsmade have combined their crafts to offer this authentic artisan side table. Aaron, a skilled fabricator, and his artist wife, Sarah, collaborated to bring this beautiful distressed wood top with an industrial metal base. The wood, full of surprising rich tone and imperfections, gives each piece individual character. These rustic modern tables and chairs are made to order to fit in any size home or patio.

Asa: Clueless, then non-committal in Norfork

The newspaper headline says Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson confronted "knotty state issues" during a recent appearance in Norfork? Confronted, maybe. Answered? No.

Another nursing home favorite for judge in Faulkner County

The Michael Morton-financed pipeline of nursing home money to judicial candidates in Faulkner County just doesn't quit.

Beebe defers action on dubious tax break

Gov. Mike Beebe has signed all the legislation from the fiscal session except HB 1048, which contains the almost certainly unconstitutional tax break for fracking sand added to the bill by fracking industry ally Sen. Jonathan Dismang. Could that mean a line-item veto is possible? Will the special interests stand for it?

Voter ID squabble grows

Stu Soffer of White Hall, a member of the state Board of Election Commissioners, is not happy that the Pulaski County Election Commission has sued over the commission's attempt to correct a clear screwup in the Voter ID law passed by Republicans in the 2013 legislature.

Group to recognize women in politics

Women Lead Arkansas will have a reception from 5-7 p.m. Saturday at Philander Smith to recognize female politicians, past and present. The drive to encourage more female political candidates has a way to go. Fewer than 30 percent of this year's candidates are women.

Obama support group works to spread the word about insurance expansion

The Arkansas legislature passed the private option version of Medicaid expansion this year only after adopting an amendment to prevent the state from advertising it. This built on earlier efforts by the legislature to stomp out education campaigns in media by killing ad contracts. As expected, other sources of information will fill the void.

Asa Hutchinson supports call for criminal justice review

Republican governor’s candidate Asa Hutchinson said today he believes “it is time for a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system,” at both the state and federal levels. This was in support of remarks in Little Rock by a former Maryland governor who favors a "more innovative approach" to executive clemency.

Gaylord Hunter went from Little Rock to Stax Records, Hollywood Boulevard, and back

In our new series, "Speak, Arkansas," everyday Arkansans tell their life story in their own words. We begin with Gaylord Hunter, a Little Rock native with a front-row seat to music history.

The open line: It's NCAA basketball time

The open line begins with an NCAA tourney-season feature on former Razorback coach Nolan Richardson.

Southern Salt is worth seeking out

Southern Salt is doing a fine job for being such a young truck. They’re producing an imaginative and well-executed menu and it’s clear that these are folks experienced in the kitchen. They keep the menu small, but expect a rotating selection of unique dishes—they’re definitely making a name for themselves among our already strong fleet of food trucks.

Democrat-Gazette omits key element of Mike Maggio story

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today reported on the coincidence of timing of an extraordinary ruling in a nursing home case by Circuit Judge Mike Maggio and the establishment of PACs for contributions to Maggio by the owner of that nursing home. The article did not mention that Blue Hog Report broke this story, a significant omission.

Adam Faucett sings in his kitchen, has a new album

Couch by Couchwest (CXCW) sounds necessary to me, an annual online music festival for those of us "too broke to go to Austin," in which artists record and send in performances from their own "living rooms, kitchens, porches, bathrooms, you name it." Yesterday they featured Little Rock's own Adam Faucett, who gives a gorgeous and eerie take on "Poet Song," a track from his excellent new album "Blind Water Finds Blind Water."

Try Hillcrest Artisan Meats' duck ham

Duck Ham Hillcrest Artisan Meats offers locally-sourced, natural and organic meats along with charcuterie products — a fancy French way of saying curing, salting, and smoking meat.

New Supreme Court justice Rhonda Wood plays loose with facts on her campaign money

The Log Cabin Democrat, which has also been breaking news about local Judge Mike Maggio's misdeeds and financial funny business, has a story today that notes the heavy influence of nursing home money, particularly from Michael Morton of Fort Smith, on judicial races, particularly in Faulkner County. The article gives reason to doubt the credibility of Judge Rhonda Wood, who drew no opposition to her candidacy for a seat next year on the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Nursing home tentacles go beyond judges

A sleuthing friend finds in a search of campaign finance reports that one of the seven PACs created this year with initial funding from nursing home owner Michael Morton of Fort Smith has also sent some money to a legislative candidate.

Mossberg, "Granite Mountain Hustler" (1995)

Anthony L. Moss, a.k.a. Mossberg, grew up in Little Rock and made a nearly perfect Southern rap album, "Ashes II Ashes, Dus 2 Dus," in 1995. The album came out on Scoop Records, which used to be on Asher Ave. and now appears to be a Shipley Do-Nuts. Among others, in the liner notes, he gives thanks to "Allah tha merciful and forgiving" and to "my Grandmother and my favorite Aunt Pam and all my Homies and Brotha's in Tha Mountain — Granite Mountain!"

Marriott plans $16 million renovation to downtown Little Rock hotel

The Marriott in downtown Little Rock plans $16 milliion in renovations, which will include changes to some public rooms such as the lobby bar, the former cigar lounge and restaurant.

Sheridan High squelches yearbook profile of gay student

The Student Press Law Center reports that Sheridan High School administration ordered the school yearbook to scrap six planned student profiles rather than include one on a gay student who talked about his experience.

More documents released today at Clinton Library

Reporters are again poring over a Clinton White House document release today at the Clinton Library.

UAMS weighing additional budget cuts for College of Medicine

UAMS seeking an overall budget reduction of 3 percent in 2015, but hopes to save $22 million without layoffs.

The PAC Men Edition

Nursing home owner Michael Morton and his campaign contributions, Sheridan High School’s move to suppress a gay high school student from writing about his experience in a yearbook, the future of a tax break on fracking sand, the trials of former UCA official Jack Gillean and former treasurer Martha Shoffner and the Pulaski Tech millage vote — all covered on this week's show.

Printmakers and more

It'The 2nd annual "Arkansas Printmakers Membership Exhibition” has opened in the Butler Center atrium Gallery in the Arkansas Studies Institute 

Federal judge strikes down Arkansas's 12-week abortion ban

Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright today completed the job she'd started with an earlier injunction: She struck down the 2013 law that prohibited most abortions beginning with the 12th week of pregnancy.

The demagoguery open line: Asa finds his tongue

The Friday night line is open. Closing words on Asa Hutchinson. Some laws of the land he'll obey. Others handed down from the U.S. Supreme Court he wants to fight.

Food Feedback Friday: the rock, the rose, and photos

Alright, now it’s time to FEEDBACK, y’all. Tell us what you’re luvin’ right now.

Diversity, Indian variety, rears its head in Arkansas

A Hindu observance, a Bollywood film festival and a disagreement on religious matters at a Christian university in Arkansas figure in a post on topics related to India.

Live, it's Saturday night! State inspector hunts on the job site; a state candidate plays dumb

The line is open. Another solid waste disposal facility turned into a shooting range. And another dumb remark by a Republican candidate for statewide office.

M.L. King Commission sets youth summit in Harrison. Sigh.

The Arkansas Martin Luther King Commission will hold its annual youth summit, "Life After Hate," April 2 in Harrison, a city roiled historically and recently by racial controversy The news has to be thrilling to Thom Robb, the KKK leader who lives nearby and uses Harrison as a mailing address.

Sunday open line: Tom Cotton marries; Sheridan censorship knocked; Asa keeps running hard right

U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton announced his marriage this weekend by Twitter. He included an Instagram photo and said his bride's name was Anna, but other details have not yet been forthcoming.

Shades of 'Captain Phillips': Navy SEALS retake another seized merchant ship

No Arkansas angle here — yet — but this headline jumped out on a review of news this otherwise slow, frosty morning: The Defense Department announced that a team of Navy SEALs had taken control of of an oil tanker seized earlier this month by armed Libyans

Welfare, entitlements and race: The old Republican dog whistle

New York Times opinion writers have appointed things to say about Republican opposition to welfare handouts: 1) Depends on who's getting the handouts and 2) when they say it's not about race, it's about race. The Arkansas legislature evidences the same mindset.

St. Patrick's Day by way of New Orleans with Acadia

Award-winning chef James Hale of Acadia Restaurant in the Heights shares his take on roasted duck breast. Why is this a St. Patrick's day dish? Because it's got a healthy addition of classic Irish stout Guinness in the sauce to add richness, flair — and that ain't no blarney.

Democratic Party hits Asa Hutchinson's instant move to lobby

A new Democratic Party days reminds voters when Asa Hutchinson cashed in on his Bush administration ties to become an instant D.C. lobbyist. He capitalized on a penny stock deal, then, too.

UAMS announces joint vascular surgery work with Baptist Health: Update

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences physicians are now seeing patients and performing vascular and endovascular surgery at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock.

Arkansas unemployment rates drops to 7.3 percent in January

The unemployment rate in Arkansas in January was 7.3 percent, down from 7.4 percent the month before. The labor force grew by about 700.

Harold Melvin's Blue Notes to headline 2014 Blues on the River

Though founder and sometimes front man Harold Melvin died in 1997, his group the Blue Notes are still very much around and will headline this year's Blues on the River, brought to us by KOKY and set to be held at the First Security Amphitheater on May 3. The group launched Teddy Pendergrass' career, were crucial to the development of Philly Soul and disco, sued Neil Young for stealing their name in the late `80s and reunited for last year's Soul Train cruise.

Another Obamacare scare ad withers under scrutiny

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-organization that is continuing a desperate battle against Obamacare, has spent more than $1 million on advertising to defeat U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor. But a new $700,000 buy in Arkansas is the latest to fail a fact check.

Gov. Mike Beebe vetoes tax break for fracking business

Gov. Mike Beebe today exercised a line-item veto of a $5 million tax break grafted onto an appropriation bill. The next question is whether the legislature will attempt an override when it meets to adjourn Wednesday.

Beebe appoints Morril Harriman to University of Arkansas Board of Trustees

Gov. Mike Beebe today appointed his chief of staff and longtime buddy Morril Harriman to the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees.

Another bundle of nursing home cash for a legislative candidate

Another day and another illustration of how the nursing home lobby builds the sort of influence in the legislature that helps it win better reimbursement rules and increased profitability. Today, it's a Republican House candidate with a significant chunk of campaign contrbutions from that industry.

Tamale stand reopens, no more deer meat

The Searcy Daily Citizen reports that a roadside tamale stand busted for selling tamales made with deer meat has reopened after passing a health inspection.

Tom Cotton still mum on marriage details

Despite repeated requests, no further details have emerged about Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton's marriage over the weekend. His office hasn't responded to requests for basic info — time, place, bride's full name and biographical information. One other question arises: Did he retain a former appreciation for "covenant marriage"?

Tim Griffin reports $200,000 haul for lt. governor race

Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin reports a $200,000 haul in his first campaign finance report as a candidate for lieutenant governor. Who'd want to pour money into an office that is so pointless that it is, by bipartisan agreement, not even being filled in calendar 2014?

Jeff Bridges in town for campaign against child hunger

Academy Award winning Actor Jeff Bridges — maybe best known for his roles as Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski from "The Big Lebowski," Rooster Cogburn from the Coen Brothers' 2010 remake of Charles Portis' "True Grit," and his Oscar-winning turn in 2009's "Crazy Heart" — was at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock at noon today, using his star power to help push for student breakfast program to help fight child hunger.

Department of Environmental Quality fires inspector who set up hunting trailer on landfill acreage

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality today fired Gary Meador, a 34-year-veteran landfill inspector in Baxter County, because he'd placed an RV for hunting on a landfill he inspected

Judicial panel also reviewing Maggio's campaign contributions

The Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission acknowledged today that it is reviewing circumstances of campaign contributions made to Circuit Judge Mike Maggio's aborted race for Arkansas Court of Appeals.

Open line: Business groups back immigration reform; ASU med school advances; suit filed against NCAA; counting money in Ross-Hutchinson battle

News roundup: Business groups push for immigration reform; osteopathic med school plan advances at Arkansas State University; Hutchinson-Ross money race narrows.

Game and Fish Commission disagrees with Exxon’s conclusion that 'there are no unacceptable ecological risks' in cove of Lake Conway due to Mayflower oil spill

It’s been almost a year since the Pegasus pipeline spilled an estimated 210,000 gallons of oil in Mayflower. After months of back-and-forth, a final environmental report from ExxonMobil to state regulators appears to be complete. But though the science behind the report is sound, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Deputy Director Ricky Chastain said its overarching conclusions about ongoing ecological risk are flawed.

Legislators as judges: Anything for a tax break for the frackers

Republicans seem dead-set on overriding Gov. Mike Beebe's veto of transparently unconstitutional legislation to guarantee a tax break on tracking sand, a $5 million hit on the treasury through the subterfuge of declaring sand "equipment." If the law meant anything, they wouldn't.

The Kochs' Americans for Prosperity retools Obamascare ads after fact checks

Talking Points Memo reports that Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-backed political organization that has been a driving financial and lobbying force in the rising Republican majority in Arkansas, has put out new versions of ads attacking Democratic senators on Obamacare after fact-checking of earlier versions revealed them as fiction.

We were warned about electing judges

Ernie Dumas writes this week about the accurate predictions of people such as former Supreme Court Justice Robert Brown and Judge David Stewart on the perils of electing judges. Special interest money and conflict of interest come with elections, as recent events show.

Free screening tonight of 'The Trials of Muhammad Ali' doc

Tonight at 6:30 p.m., AETN and KUAR will host a free preview screening of the new documentary "The Trials of Muhammad Ali," at the William F. Laman Public Library. From the producers of "Hoop Dreams," and the Academy Award nominated director Bill Siegel ("The Weather Underground," "The Road to 9/11"), the film focuses on Ali's conversion to Islam and the controversy and legal troubles surrounding his refusal to serve in Vietnam.

Food truck court proposed across from Capitol

The Capitol Zoning District Commission is to consider a proposal Thursday for a food truck court across West Third Street from the state Capitol. Proposed demolition of some Quapaw Quarter structures also has spurred debate.

ASU med school tuition: $52,000

An article in Newsday reports on a New York institution's first out-of-state expansion, to open an osteopathic medical school at Arkansas State University at Jonesboro. It says tuition will be $52,000. And the backers contend a shortage of residencies can be overcome.

Chick-fil-A CEO regrets getting into gay marriage debate

What will Mike Huckabee say? Will Republicans now have a new obligatory foodstuff for tailgate parties? Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, prompted in part by a talk with a gay friend and also by business realities, now indicates he made a mistake in getting involved in the same-sex marriage debate.

Beebe names Chris Palmer to fill Pulaski judicial vacancy

Gov. Mike Beebe yesterday appointed Chris Palmer of Little Rock to complete the term of Jay Moody, a circuit judge recently confirmed to a seat on the federal district court bench.

A tale of two states: Texas and Arkansas and the shale boom

Smart money says the Republican majority will override Gov. Mike Beebe's veto of a tax break on sand used in fracking for gas and oil. It's clearly an unconstitutional measure because it didn't get the two-thirds vote necessary to consider non-fiscal items in a budget session. But it's also bad policy and a sweetheart deal.

Sheridan School District stands firm on censoring yearbook

Growing national attention to censorship of the Sheridan High School yearbook has prompted Brenda Haynes, the district superintendent, to issue a statement about the decisIon to withhold a series of student profiles rather than publish one about Taylor Ellis and his decision to come out as gay. It was short, defiant and lacking in specifics:

The Mega Millions open line; maybe the Highway Department should buy a lottery ticket

A $3 million lottery winner and a highway funding shortfall are in the news as the world waits for a $400 million drawing tonight.

Chad Griffin and Human Rights Campaign rally for Taylor Ellis

Human Rights Campaign director Chad Griffin spoke on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol today in support of Taylor Ellis, the 17-year-old Sheridan High School junior who recently had his coming-out story censored from inclusion in the Sheridan High School yearbook. Griffin was joined by Ellis, Ellis' parents and around a dozen students from Sheridan High School.

Central Arkansas Transit moves to gas

After years of wrangling, the Central Arkansas Transit Authority yesterday made a decision to invest in natural gas-powered buses.

Liberal movement stirs in the South

The New York Times writes about the Moral Monday movement, liberal activism in North Carolina and Georgia responding to such events as state government failure to adopt M

UPDATE: University of Arkansas President Donald Bobbitt proposes on-line university

University of Arkansas faculty members have begun receiving word of System President Donald Bobbitt's intention to present an expansive on-line university proposal to the UA Board of Trustees Thursday in Fort Smith. It's no less than he's been talking about since his arrival, but it has many faculty members apprehensive.

Bennett's Military moving to 608 Main Street

Bennett's Military, a downtown Little Rock mainstay since 1870, has found a new home at 608 Main Street, the former site of Phillips Men's Store. Bennett's owner, Sheree Meyer, who inherited the business from her father in 2003, signed the lease this week.

Vote for the headliners of this year's Legends of Arkansas Festival

With a name like Legends of Arkansas, you're putting a fair amount of pressure on your music festival to deliver a memorable lineup. Cleverly, the Legends of Arkansas folks have decided to outsource the programming decisions to you, the audience. Through April 20, you can vote, from a pre-selected list, for your picks, and the three bands with the most votes will headline the festival, which will be held May 31 at Riverfront Park.

Fresh seafood an understatement at Mr. Chen's

Fish and seafood have never been fresher than at Mr. Chen's Oriental Supermarket. Crab, shrimp, shellfish, and other seafood are processed fresh daily to insure maximum flavor and freshness.

Study finds limiting non-emergency transportation in private option could hurt most vulnerable patients

Republican backers of the private option pushed for an amendment so that the state will no longer be required to provide non-emergency transportation. A new study finds that could hurt the most vulnerable low-income patients.

Name that Arkansas photographer

This Arkansas artist has work currently on exhibit in Little Rock.

Coming Saturday: Artworks XXVI

The annual art auction fund-raiser for the Arkansas Repertory Theatre will feature works by more than 90 Arkansas artists.