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March 24, 2005

Vol 3 • No 10

Editorial cartoon March 24

Who's their daddy?

This legislative session has produced an abundance of bills that afford people a good measure of who their lawmakers really represent. Joe Taxpayer will usually discover that it is not he.

A matter of taste

What with the “Beyond Thunderdome”-style highway between Little Rock and Benton, we don’t make it to Saline County very often. If you’ve been through there recently, you might be able to see where that’s a good thing.

Editorial March 24

There’s an old saying that a politician must sometimes rise above his principles. Governor Huckabee has soared well above his in regard to the casino gambling bill approved by the legislature.

Play ball in NLR

North Little Rock’s City Council created a Public Facilities Board for Riverfront Development last week, the first step in what could be a fun and moneymaking area for both Little Rock and North Little Rock. The center of it will be a new ballpark for t

Orval March 24

More picks March 24-30

A new IMAX film, and Easter eggs, come to the Aerospace Education Center on Saturday, March 26. The IMAX theater will be premiering “Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk,” which takes the viewer on a breathtaking journey from extraordinary heights through

Downtown ‘Botanica’

Oval Gallery opens three new exhibits Friday that showcase floral-themed works, contemporary furniture and paintings, and works from artists new to the Oval stable.

What's cooking-Capsule reviews March 24

What's cooking: and Lulav Capsule reviews: Cotham's in the City and Piggy Sue's.


So how about an entire column of questions only? Be honest now, do you think President Bush could come within $10,000 if he had to guess how much the average oldtimer’s monthly Social Security check is?

Dead Ringer

While one man’s terror is another man’s “so what?” nothing in recent memory has been able to scare me as much as the current crop of Japanese and Japanese-inspired horror. The Japanese, it seems, are willing to forgo fountains of blood and tubs of entrail

The Insider March 24

We reported last week on the Arkansas Blog that Clinton Foundation president and PR guru Skip Rutherford’s next big goal is to locate an RV park in downtown Little Rock.

The Observer March 24

Army National Guard Maj. Paul Suskie, North Little Rock’s city attorney who’s now lawyering over in Kabul, Afghanistan, has been sending regular newsletters to his friends back home. The Observer doesn’t know what Suskie wrote last time out, but it must h

What's old is new again

It occurred to me Monday that I was having lunch with the dominant force in the Arkansas Democratic Party, a man in whose image the party is steadily being remade.

Words March 24

“The former Republican justice of the peace from West Little Rock was stirred by American soldiers’ bravery in helping Iraqis vote.” Is he formerly a Republican, formerly a justice of the peace, or formerly both? A full reading of the article su

'The Weight'

Although Rock and Roll Hall of Famers the Band drew inspiration from Americana, the group was comprised of four Canadians and only one American — Phillips County’s Levon Helm. And if the Band has one defining song, it is “The Weight.”

The bad seed

According to most political science textbooks, there are two kinds of elected representatives: the delegate and the trustee. In a legislative setting, a delegate votes exactly the way a majority of his or her constituents would want. (Think Mike Ross

This Modern World March 24

Asylum Street Spankers cover a lot of ground

Ranging from bawdy to blues to swingy and political, the Austin-based Asylum Street Spankers, appearing Thursday, March 24, at Sticky Fingerz, defy the limits of a genre label.

Death penalty on the stage

I didn’t know anything about Jimmie Ray Slaughter until the weekly Oklahoma Gazette (Oklahoma City’s version of the Arkansas Times) did a cover story late last month on the death row inmate. He was executed March 15, but not before state officials were

Smart Talk March 24

If you have an e-mail address, chances are you’ve received an e-mail that claims to be from a bank or credit card company, with realistic looking logos and headers. Often, the e-mail will claim your account information has been stolen and will then encour

Fly me to the moon

I’ll go ahead and own up that the odds are fairly high that I’ll write something embarrassingly wrong in this week’s column. It’s about furniture, specifically modern furniture designed by an apparently well-known old guy named Vladimir Kagan. Not exactly

Theater reviews

“The Miracle Worker,” winner of the Tony Award for Best Play in 1960, tells the story of the childhood years of blind and deaf Helen Keller, who with the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, begins the life-long struggle to overcome her disability.

The politics of dying

I talked to two Arkansas congressmen less than 12 hours after Congress thrust itself into the Terry Schiavo case. She’s the Florida woman, in a vegetative state for 15 years, whose husband wants to end her life by removing her feeding tube.

Letters March 24

As a former member of the Central Arkansas Water Commission (and, earlier, the Little Rock Water Commission), I am alarmed by determined efforts to put our drinking water at risk.

The week that was March 16-22, 2005

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … The CENTRAL ARKANSAS WATER COMMISSION. It will not consider a resolution to work out a compromise watershed development agreement with Deltic Timber. But the danger isn’t over. Deltic still intend

TV highlights

NOVA: DIRTY BOMB 4 p.m. Saturday, March 26 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) Though we’ve resolved to stop dashing to the basement every time a scowling Homeland Security drone appears on television, we still can’t help but worry about the dirty

Irish concert goes west

Irish folklorist and musician Mick Moloney will perform with Dana Lyn in the Saturday, March 26, Arkansas Celtic Music Society show.

Restaurant smoking ban has a chance

A bill that would ban smoking in Arkansas restaurants is heading for a vote in the state House of Representatives, and the sponsor is confident of its chances for passage. Some restaurant owners, however, are mobilizing to fight it.

How Huckabee stung the lawyers

Like most Republican politicians these days, especially those who are mentioned as possible presidential candidates, Gov. Mike Huckabee has bad things to say about trial lawyers, calling them “greedy” and “scammers,” among other things. According to a g

Up from Willisville

When a reporter suggested that Joyce Elliott was the scrappiest of Arkansas’s female legislators, Rita Sklar corrected him. Elliott is the scrappiest of all the legislators, Sklar said. A lobbyist for the ACLU, Sklar spends her own days at the legislature

The haves vs. the have nots

It’s not a debate you’d ever want to have to choose sides for. And it’s not how anyone on either side of Senate Bill 300, approved in amended form last week by the Senate Education Committee, really wanted to frame the discussion.

Stars on Ice

Sarah Hughes, the 2002 Olympic gold medal winner in figure skating, highlights the lineup for the Smucker's Stars on Ice tour at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 24, at Alltel Arena.

Double our trouble?

Our state legislature is awful. The solution is for it to meet more often. That’s a tough argument to make. Yet the legislature may accept the challenge. It might refer to the general election ballot in November 2006 a proposed constitutional amendme