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March 31, 2005

Vol 3 • No 11

League of Women Voters turns 50

A state-wide League of Women Voters was formed in Arkansas in 1920 to see to it that Arkansas would vote for the 19th amendment to the Constitution that would give women the right to vote, something women had pleaded for since 1848. The women were suc

Editorial cartoon March 31

Orval March 31

Zydeco dreams pay off for ‘Schultze’

Literature and art — not to mention the streets — are full of elderly characters who have squandered their lives on a job, pursuit, ambition or obsession that amounts to pretty much doodly squat in the grand scheme of things. What, then — exactly — is the

Americana idol

Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom welcomes prodigious banjo player turned slide guitarist and now accomplished singer Tony Furtado on Saturday, April 2.

TV highlights

Though I’m too cheap to buy the premium channels, I recently received a DVD box set of “Penn and Teller: Bullshit!” from a friend, and have to mention a show that gives me so much guilty pleasure.

The Texas cheat sheet

Texas has done it again. The state that gave us George W. Bush, Rod Paige and the No Child Left Behind Act has shown the rest of the country how to handle the strictures of the federal education law. Cheat, dissemble and defy.

The Observer March 31

The Observer has had eggs on the brain. We turned to the subject last week, asking some friends how many old eggs they’ve found post-Easter. Old eggs equal trouble. Our neighbor reported that her dog had found an aged Easter egg left undiscovered in th

From Baghdad with love.

While photographs have served as the defining images of war since Matthew Brady started lugging his cameras and developing equipment to Civil War battlefields, it seems that the Iraq war has been nearly unique in the degree that photographs have served to

Faith-based jobs

After the Holy Trinity, the most deeply held belief of the average Arkansas legislator is the holiness of job creation. If tax giveaways in the name of job creation really worked, Arkansas would make Silicon Valley look like a rusting Hoboken refinery.

Who’s afraid of taxes?

It is understandable why Americans are a little touchy when it comes to taxes. After all, our independence movement owes its spark to a protest against a tax on tea. But once again Arkansas faces difficult choices about how to fund basic services a

The Insider March 31

The Washington Post reports that Asa Hutchinson has landed a potentially lucrative gig thanks to his time as a top official at the Homeland Security Department. He’s a “special advisor” to Fortress America Acquisition Corp., a creation of former Congre

RimRockers’ Reid deserved the title

Throughout a strange inaugural season in the shaky American Basketball Association, with players here arriving and departing seemingly by the week while teams elsewhere in the league folded up at nearly the same rate, the one constant on the court for the

More picks March 31-April 6

For almost four years, Ron White has been performing with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy on “The Blue Collar Comedy Tour,” which has sold out in more than 90 cities and spawned a motion picture and DVD. Now, White has his own solo co

Lettters March 31

All of the galleries involved in downtown’s 2nd Friday Art Night want to thank you and your staff for your gracious support of our first event. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our initial effort, and we hope Art Night will continue and grow along

The week that was March 23-29, 2005

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … CENTRAL ARKANSAS WATER. A House committee drove a stake through Deltic Timber’s bill to control Lake Maumelle watershed development. The bill got a rare “do not pass” vote, urged by House Speaker

Editorials March 31

Given a choice between clean water for the people and big profits for the developer, the House City, County and Local Affairs Committee stood firmly with the people. The legislature does have its moments — the House side, anyway. The Senate looks pretty m

What's cooking-capsule reviews March 31

What's cooking: Lulav and Ciao. Capsule reviews: Paul's and Sufficient Grounds.

Motown’s Junior Walker

Junior Walker gave Motown true Arkansas grit. Autry DeWalt Jr. (some say his name was Oscar G. Mixon) was born on June 14, 1931, in Blytheville.

Words March 31

Better the conscious vote than the unconscious: “The case of Terry Schiavo is tragic; regardless of Congress’ action there will likely be only sadness and grief. The only option left to me as a member of Congress is t

This Modern World March 31

The delight of downtown

The ownership had changed since the last time we were at Ciao, but the quality hadn’t. It’s still high — far higher than one would normally expect from an unprepossessing little restaurant in a nondescript area of downtown Little Rock.

Asa rides wheel of fortune

An emerging political question is whether Asa Hutchinson’s cashing in will get in the way of his running for governor, speaking in terms of timing, logistics and another thing I forget. Oh, yes. Ethics.

Rainy day ‘Bathers’

It turns out that a rainy Sunday is the perfect time to visit the Arkansas Arts Center. The angled roof of the Jeannette Rockefeller and Wolfe galleries magnifies the sound; Easter’s torrent was pleasantly deafening, blocking out the noise of the other vi

Smart Talk March 31

You’ve got to love a good urban myth. The reason they are so long-lived is because we repeat them, and the reason we repeat them is that they reinforce our cynical suspicions about the way the world works. The other day, a friend of a friend dropped a

Championship a joke, but no one cares

As a backup, the owner of the Arkansas RimRockers bought a championship trophy. In the American Basketball Association, there is no sure thing. Aside from a league vice president presenting the trophy purchased by the ABA, the league championship game

Praise for their peers

We asked doctors this year to write their own tributes to colleagues they wanted to see honored. Here are their words (and, when names were given, the authors).

Arkansas street party

On Bourbon Street in New Orleans and Beale Street in Memphis, conventional daytime commerce gives way to a party atmosphere at night, fueled by public consumption of alcohol.

Reynolds gets ‘Sticky’ April 6

When Dave Matthews fans describe his friend and sometimes duo touring partner, Tim Reynolds, many throw in the line “He taught Dave everything he knows on the guitar.”

That doughnut goes down easy

Here we sit, we Americans, at our computers, a cup of coffee and creamer and the crumpled up wrapper of the sugar-coated donuts we just ate beside us. Our only exercise has been the walk from the parking lot to the office, and we’re thinking about eat

To cut or not to cut

A Little Rock neurologist — Dr. Brad Boop — asked the Arkansas Times to profile a doctor he said is “exceptional,” one who takes time with his patients, one who is “looking to do the right thing for the patient instead of what makes money.” Dr. David R

Guns on campus

As the saying goes: Let the punishment fit the crime. At Lonoke High School, however, school administrators are discussing a change to that old saw: Let the punishment fit the student.

She’s ‘unforgettable’

Natalie Cole has long since proved she’s more than just Nat’s daughter. Her incomparable style has graced 20 of her own albums, and she was paid perhaps her highest compliment this past year: being among the leading pop, jazz and R&B singers invited to du

Smooth operators, and other skilled doctors

This week we publish the newspaper doctors love to hate: The annual issue of the Best Doctors in Arkansas. The Arkansas Times always gets a bit of teasing from physicians over our survey, which seeks to yield a list of the state’s shining stars in medi