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May 26, 2005

Vol 3 • No 19

Rest of the Hog story

The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville put out a good-news press release last week saying the Razorbacks had been conditionally recertified by the NCAA.

Electric radio

Just as I’m finally making the changeover from VHS to DVD, along comes yet another technology I’m going to have to embrace: Internet radio.

By the numbers

Faced with a judicial imperative to make a quantum leap in the quality — and equality — of Arkansas public schools, the legislature did the minimum to squeak by. The Arkansas Supreme Court now faces a test. Will it take the unprecedented step of reopening

This Modern World May 26

Pick Nick’s

CARLISLE — As somebody once sang, Papa was a rollin’ stone, and so is this reviewer. Even with unleaded darned near topping the price of buttermilk, I still find myself darting to and fro, always on one interstate or another, waiting for that inevitable m

Words May 26

Paul Mahfouz saw a Washington Post article about guitarist Les Paul that quoted Paul reminiscing: “ ‘There’s a fellow sitting in the rumble seat of one of the parked cars, and he writes a note to the carhop.’ ” Then either Paul or the Post explained that

The week that was May 18-24

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … ART LOVERS. Alice Walton unveiled the Walton Family Foundation’s plans for a gorgeous park and $50 million Bentonville art museum stuffed with American art. Taxpayers be proud: You’re providing the world’s richest family with

The driver’s license test gets tougher

Under state and federal legislation enacted this year, renewing a driver’s license will become more complicated and time-consuming. The semi-good news is that it won’t happen immediately.

Editorials May 26

This is how far the moral standards of Washington have slipped: Even war profiteering is condoned.

Whining press critics

Recently those who don’t like the American press have really had a dandy excuse to criticize it. Now they are blasting Newsweek magazine, which admitted that in its May 9 edition it had made a mistake saying there were reporting that American guards in

No sacrifice this week reported more details about a new company started by Asa Hutchinson and other former government officials. Hutchinson, who is running for Arkansas governor as a Republican, is a former U.S. congressman and most recently was un

Editorial cartoon May 26

The Insider May 26

Wal-Mart, which faces a class action lawsuit alleging job discrimination against women, is working to put a good foot forward in its legal department.

TV highlights

NOVA: TYPHOID MARY 5 p.m. Saturday, May 28 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) So you think you have a hard time getting dates? Try being Typhoid Mary.

The Force is finally with us

It took him nearly 28 years, but George Lucas has finally gotten around to telling the story he wanted to tell, the one we wanted to hear all along, and when all is said and done, he managed not to mess it up.

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Due Amiche, Cozymel's, Trio's, Andina Cafe. Capsule reviews: Just Like Mom's; Chinese Pavilion.

Housing Authority cracks down on whistleblower

When her only son was killed in a roadside accident in 1970, Cumberland Towers resident Betty Murray made a vow. A former newspaper reporter who has seen plenty — a frequent and vocal critic of the Little Rock Housing Authority, who calls herself a “bitch

Pecker news

There’s been such a flurry of ivory-billed woodpecker news since the bird’s recent rediscovery that it’s been hard to keep current. So in case you missed them, and don’t hanker to Google, here are a few of the related developments. Bro. Jerry

The devil's due

By this publication, the United States Senate will have confirmed President Bush’s nomination of Priscilla R. Owen to the 5th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals, part of the Faustian bargain to avoid a shutdown of what was once but is no longer known as the

Orval May 26

More picks, May 26-June 1

Hurry. The Beach Boys are at Magic Springs THURSDAY night, May 26.

REO’s Cronin has seen it all

The last time he was in Little Rock for an REO Speedwagon show, Kevin Cronin related a story to me I’d never heard. I met Cronin a few years back at Butch Stone’s after-show party, and we talked about some earlier REO Speedwagon days, particularly about o

Upstaged by architecture

Wal-Mart fortune heiress Alice Walton unveiled before a throng of well-wishers and Bentonville boosters Monday the plans for her $50 million museum of American art, Crystal Bridges, an architectural wonder that upstaged the revealed works in the collectio

Letters May 26

Max Brantley was perfect in describing William T. Shelton, the long-time city editor of the Arkansas Gazette who died May 8, as a man who “out-Bogarted Bogart,” the legendary actor who played a hard-boiled city editor in the movie “Deadline USA.”

More music outside Riverfest

While Little Rock and North Little Rock’s riverfront parks will be abuzz with music, the River Market area clubs are sure to pick up some residual business from festival, if only those folks who want to enjoy a drink in an air-conditioned environment.

Putting Black Oak on the map

One of the strongest debuts of the album rock era was the eponymous “Black Oak Arkansas” LP released in March 1971. Recorded in California, “Black Oak Arkansas” was produced by Mike Pinera and Lee Dorman — members of Iron Butterfly, once a top late-1960s

Smart Talk May 26

Remember when they created an ice skating rink in the River Market? It was popular, but expensive and not perfectly suited to the sometimes warm Little Rock winters.

The Observer May 26

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it. The first weekend at the lake is always breathtaking. There is the refreshing escape from the city, driving along two-lane roads past trees and farmland as the sun sits low on the horizon late Friday eve

Riverfest’s big acts

Here is a look at the big acts that will be playing on the Riverfest music stages this weekend.

The Riverfest basics

The things you need to know to enjoy the weekend festival.

Landreth’s slide guitar among blues' best

Something magical and profound happened to American blues guitar when some innovative early-20th-century blues players, taking a cue from Hawaiian guitarists who used steel bars with their instruments, used necks from bottles or kitchen knives to manipula

Riverfest schedule

The complete schedule of Riverfest musical acts.

8 must-do's at Riverfest

Our editor's list of the Elite Eight starts with the Jesse White Tumblers.

A 'fest to rival the best

Sitting amid packages dressed up to go to sponsors and boxes of thousands of orange T-shirts destined for vendor tents, Riverfest executive director Deanna Shannon and this year’s chairman, Julie Shindler, took a momentary break. The phones didn’t oblige

Times, Oval Gallery present summer music series

Four concerts featuring some of the state’s most talented musicians have been scheduled for this summer at Oval Gallery, 201 W. Capitol Ave. The Arkansas Times will sponsor the program, which ranges widely from jazz to opera, and it begins June 18 with aw

Don’t dare take our Wal-Mart

It’s a man-bites-dog story in an era when local efforts to block big-box retailers have captured headlines around the country: A small, fading community in Southeast Arkansas learns its small, outdated Wal-Mart will shut down if the company decides to

Lemony and sweet

The annual “Originals!” exhibit of art made by Arkansas women has made a quiet appearance in the Cox Creative Center. The pieces are subdued and soft, womanly. Some of these works could have been made by men, in which case a critic might describe them as