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June 23, 2005

Vol 3 • No 23

Orval June 23

The Insider June 23

The Arkansas Supreme Court’s reappointment of former Justices Bradley Jesson and David Newbern as special masters in the Lakeview case piqued a reader’s curiosity: How much are special masters paid to advise the Court?

Nichols, Lucero rustle up cowpunk country to Vino’s

They may get sick of Little Rock publications continually reporting their local connection, but this writer loves reminding folks in print of Memphis-based Lucero’s humble beginnings, especially now that the group has started to make it big.

From the Red Cross, an apology

In June 1983, a company that bought blood from Arkansas’s prison inmates discovered it had drawn 38 units from four inmates who previously had tested positive for hepatitis B. They had not tested positive at the time their blood was taken. (A fifth inmate

This Modern World June 23

Words June 23

Edward Wooten finds fault with the Arkansas Times’ June 9 cover headline, “The bird is the word but the Big Woods are the story.” “I would argue that ‘Big Woods’ is singular and hence the verb should be ‘is,’ ” he writes.

Court's prod needed

In one stroke, the ... court violated those precepts of judicial restraint and constitutional interpretation which it most frequently has insisted on in the past; it transformed itself into a superlegislature. So reasoned the minority of the Ark

The Beebe code

Mike Beebe flew around the state last Tuesday to announce his candidacy for governor, and he gave the same speech everywhere he went. A guy who has been thinking about running for an office for over 20 years — and who will be in a contested race for th

The week that was June 15-21

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … LITTLE ROCK. Downtown was swarmed with taekwondo competitors, hip-hop music fans and tennis players, with the huge LULUAC convention following behind.

White like me

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette got a little whiter Friday before last, and a departing black reporter had a few choice things to say about it before the door slammed behind him. His exit raises questions about diversity not only at the D-G, but in print me

The Observer June 23

The Observer is here to tell you that there is nothing like being in a room crammed full with several thousand people who could kick your ass. With both hands tied behind their back. Comatose. In the middle of a rainstorm.

Letters June 23

Thank you for Leslie Newell Peacock’s informative and entertaining article about the ivory-billed woodpecker. I read the whole thing to my husband the other night. We both laughed out loud. I loved the structure of the piece and the wonderful details.

Editorial cartoon June 23

Always inspirational

Sister Rosetta Tharpe influenced many with her hot guitar and hard gospel — while outraging others in the church for the same.

Smart Talk June 23

Sen. Jim Argue was governor for a day or so last week because both Gov. Mike Huckabee and Lt. Gov Win Rockefeller were out of town and that put the Senate president pro tempore in charge. Our Constitution, which dates to 1874, provides for such succession

Living the dream

While the small and volunteer Weekend Theater struggled to pull off the complex story of “Ragtime” with its 30-plus acting roles — often the stage seemed too crowded and singing voices not quite up to par — the newly opened show is one you can easily love

The man from Hope

With the primary only 35 months away, it’s time to talk about Gov. Mike Huckabee’s presidential candidacy.

TV highlights

ANGELS AMONG US: HOSPICE IN ARKANSAS 9:30 p.m. Friday, June 24 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) For thousands of Arkansas patients facing terminal illness every year, hospice care serves as a nurturing and caring environment to spend their last

Higher crit

Alice Walton obviously doesn’t need any help from the likes of me in gathering famous American paintings for her new museum at Bentonville, although art criticism IS one of my specialties. That would be what the art world calls the higher criticism; none

Editorials June 23

The high point of the 2005 legislative session — the only one above sea level, actually — was a House committee’s interment of a bill that declared corporate profits more valuable than clean water. Word is that the bill’s backer, Deltic Timber Corp., will

The attack on public broadcasting

Isn’t it interesting that some members of Congress are attempting to cut off the federal money for public television and radio stations throughout the nation? This has happened at least two other times in past years, but this attempt is serious becaus

Powerful trio

This reviewer being relatively new to opera and having never experienced “Tosca,” we can’t compare the Wildwood Festival’s version of the Puccini classic to any other staging. Let us just say that what we saw was a marvelous presentation, highlighted by t

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Susie Q's, T.G.I. Friday's. Capsule reviews: Julie's, Gadwall's Pizza.

Summer events start to heat up

We’re still waiting for the music concert announcement — this year’s Eric Clapton or Dave Matthews show, or a return to the big-name amphitheater shows of the past, or the second rescheduling of Alison Krauss — that will have us scrambling for a line

A dark and stormy night

Batman, ladies and gentleman, is back. What’s more, he’s better than ever. Smart, dark, witty, full of action, and with a number of fine performances, “Batman Begins” manages to blow away even the best of its forebears (even — though I never thought I’d s

Podium pulled on Asa

The word I get is that Asa Hutchinson got up around 5 a.m. Monday to prepare remarks for the state Republican Party fund-raiser that evening at which Gov. Mike Huckabee would be formally appreciated and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush would give the main address.

More picks June 23-29

June is Gay and Lesbian Pride month, and various Gay Pride events continue throughout the state. While Little Rock’s main events were last week, Conway and Fayetteville will celebrate Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26.

What is the difference between ‘Latino’ and ‘Hispanic’?

Defining terms.

A family affair

Shelly Ehenger, the interim director of the Little Rock Housing Authority, deflects the suggestion that her office might have a motive for stifling investigation into malfunctioning fire alarms there: To protect her husband’s job with the Housing Author

Keillor returns to Spa City

Garrison Keillor’s last visit to Hot Springs, in 2004, resulted in a sold-out show at Summit Arena, and he’s returning to the Spa City on Tuesday, June 28, for a 7:30 p.m. appearance.

Immigrant’s story

Paperwork for a man we'll call Jose.

Border state

In Arkansas politics and media, illegal immigration and the state’s growing Latino population are provoking intense debates. The recent legislative session illustrated two ends of the ideological spectrum. One side wanted to enlist the State Police in

Hot Tuna

Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady of once hard-rocking Hot Tuna dabbled in the acoustic after flying with Jefferson Airplane to stardom in the Summer of Love. But today’s Hot Tuna would sound right at home with, appropriately, the progressive bluegrass band