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July 7, 2005

Vol 3 • No 25

This Modern World July 7

Moby's what?

A Fayetteville woman is the new hero of the Farenheit 451 bunch. She’s demanding that the school library there — and school libaries all over — clean their shelves of books that she considers inappropriate for children. So far she’s named just 70 titles

Art kids

When Debra Murray, art teacher at Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School, was asked to submit student art to be hung at Little Rock National Airport, she didn’t pick her high-flying seniors. Her Drawing I class, instead, got the chance to take wing

Insider July 7

The first important campaign contribution period ended June 30, and candidates for state offices must report their results by July 15. We hear that Mike Beebe will report having raised anywhere from $800,000 to more than $1 million since announcing his

Louis Jordan remembered

BRINKLEY –- Friday, July 8, will mark what would have been the 97th birthday of rhythm and blues pioneer Louis Jordan. The Brinkley native had more than 50 top 10 hits in the 1940s, and influenced James Brown, B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and many o

Orval July 7

Letters July 7

As a gay man from Arkansas I was thrilled at the chance to unite with not only the gay, lesbian and transgendered people from our state but heterosexuals as well in the recent gay pride parade in Conway. People of all walks of life joined together in the

Starry nightat Ray Winder

Ask any of the 6,000 or so in attendance who the star of the show was last Saturday night, and you’ll probably get four answers:

Let's do that show again

The fears of experiencing a typical Arkansas summer night were as unfounded last Saturday at Ray Winder Field as they were the last time Bob Dylan played outdoors here, on a mild early August night in 2001. Maybe we should summon Dylan anytime the summer

More picks July 7-13

Animal lovers of all ages will want to take in an unusual event at the Little Rock Zoo on Saturday, July 9, with “Breakfast With the Spider Monkeys.” Along with a keeper chat about the monkeys, a buffet breakfast will be offered. Members admission is $9 f

Smart Talk July 7

Though the Clinton Library is getting top billing in Little Rock tourism brochures these days, our fair city has a lot more to offer visitors than just presidential history. You know, like staying at the famous “Hotsprings Lodging Hotel” on Markham Avenue

Dependence day

Last weekend our nation celebrated the 229th anniversary of the day our Founding Fathers declared the independence of the original 13 continental British colonies. Of course, those men merely signed a document confirming their intentions and catalogu

Dumas is on vacation

Ernest Dumas is on vacation. His column will resume July 14.

Words July 7

Who let the whelps out? “Doe did not even describe her hands, which one of his own technicians had bagged to test for evidence. And I can see what sure look like angry whelps on Susie’s knuckles in the state Crime Laboratory photographs.”

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Catfish City and Bar-B-Q; Cold Stone Creamery. Capsule reviews: Capers; Hong Kong Inn.

TV highlights

HEIFER 5 p.m. Saturday, July 9 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) Though we get the feeling it could exist in any city in the world — from Bombay to Boston — we’re kind of proud of the fact that we here in Little Rock get to count Heifer Internati

The Stone age

Adding to its roster of local radio personalities like Pat Lynch and Ray Lincoln, Little Rock-based internet radio talker welcomed another legendary Arkansas noisemaker to its fold this week, though this addition has been more comfortable on

War's on

It’s interesting — given the dark, real-world doings of a few years back — to look at the differences between that last alien movie director Steven Spielberg did and his newest, “War of the Worlds.”

The Observer July 7

The Observer was just 17 when the photograph of Bob Dylan accompanying this column was taken. But we didn’t get to see him in the now not so solid flesh until last week, when he and Willie Nelson gave a concert at Ray Winder Field. (Maybe Ray Winder has a

Attorney general: mixes law and politics

Two ambitious Democrats, one 33 and the other 31, have announced their candidacies for attorney general. I must keep the perspective that both are older than Bill Clinton was when he held the office. A Republican state legislator who is a business l

Garden party

Two things you need to know about From the Garden right off the bat: Not even the greens have pork fat in them, and unless you want to sit outside, plan to order carryout.

Editorial cartoon July 7

The week that was June 29-July 5

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He won’t rise to chairman of the National Governors Association until mid-July, but already his rising role is getting the presidential wannabe quoted on various governance i

Editorials July 7

It would be nice if President Bush nominated a moderate to succeed Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the United States Supreme Court, thus avoiding, or keeping to a minimum, more division in a country and a Congress that are already sharply divided. Nice but

NLR's field of dreams

The conceptual drawings for a new minor league baseball park in North Little Rock are exciting. An up-to-date park with a city skyline as a backdrop would be a magnificent addition to the city. It would be more exciting still if new residential and commer

Old School takes on guests

Two guest fiddlers, Tim Crouch and Chanley Painter, will join the Old School Bluegrass Band when it takes its act to Conway and the Reynolds Performance Hall on the University of Central Arkansas campus Saturday, July 9.

Bridging the LR-NLR divide

There was a lot of whining going on last week when the North Little Rock mayor and seven of the eight aldermen decided to ask citizens to vote Aug. 9 to raise the sales tax for 1 cent for two years to pay for building a new baseball stadium for the Ar

Seeking and ignoring advice

Let’s say my editor tells me I must seek readers’ advice before I write this column. So, under duress, I ask for your advice. You provide it. I thank you. Then I proceed to write the column I had intended all along.

Much ado for Rep

With the production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” the Rep, for the first time all year at shows this reviewer has attended, lives up to its reputation for being Arkansas’s leading voice in theater. For all the talent available to the Rep ov

More books

Melissa King of Fayetteville is getting big attention, and deserves it, for “She’s Got Next: A Story of Getting In, Staying Open, and Taking a Shot,” which the publisher, Houghton Mifflin, calls a “sports memoir.” It’s really a basketball memoir, the bask

The mayor responds

Last week, when asked if concrete plans to access Dark Hollow existed, Mayor Pat Hays responded, “Well, yes and no.”

Come to the cabaret at Nu

Musical satirist Sharon Douglas will perform two Broadway-styled cabaret shows at Nu Cuisine Lounge on Tuesday, July 12, with the restaurant featuring a special feast to accompany the shows.

Eviction hearing postponed

The eviction hearing of Cumberland Towers whistleblower Betty Murray has been postponed for the second time in a month. The head of the Housing Authority board of directors, in response to a question, said the delay had no connection to the Housin

Jordan tribute Thursday

Blues producer and performer Jim Dickinson of Memphis and a host of local and regional acts will perform at the ninth annual Louis Jordan Tribute on Thursday, July 7, at Cornerstone Deli and Pub in North Little Rock.

Mitigation litigation

“Remember,” reads the slogan on the Bass Pro Shops’ Web site, “We all live downstream.” The photo behind that truism on the site’s conservation page resembles the stream in Dark Hollow – the “ditch,” as developers call it – that would be obliterated

New proposal for court records

An Arkansas Supreme Court task force on Friday, July 1, approved proposed new rules for access to court records. Rick Peltz, a member of the task force and a law professor at UALR, said the proposed new rules were intended to create more openness. “This w

What we're reading

Top sellers at Arkansas bookstores.

Book events in July

The literary life at local bookstores, libraries, etc.

Danger ahead

When the Army Corps of Engineers gave the go-ahead for a new North Little Rock mall, its justification zig-zagged through the tricky issues of how traffic in the area could be rearranged to accommodate the center, whether state and federal highway officia

Grading the professors

On a new website where UALR students anonymously evaluate UALR faculty, only one student so far has bothered to assess a certain professor we’ll call I.M. Plentysmart. In the “Comments” section of the evaluation form, the student gushed: “I took this clas

Pop-rocker Cabrera plays Magic Springs

Ryan Cabrera, whose garage-band hobby has turned into recent international pop-rock stardom, will perform Saturday, July 9, in Hot Springs at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls theme park’s Timberwood Amphitheater.

Hays’ ‘Dying Light’ brightens fiction shelf

As a part-time teacher of creative writing at UALR, the thing I find myself saying most often to beginning fiction writers is: “You ended your story where it should have begun.” What I’m talking about, of course, is the tendency — even in published and es